Most PPV Appearances 2013

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Brad., Dec 18, 2013.

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  1. Thought this was kind of interesting. It's good to see a lot of young talent there despite how much people complain. Which three did the Shield miss?! It feels like they've wrestled on every WWE event this year. Swagger lol.
  2. Royal Rumble, mitb and ......
  3. I don't think they had a match at Night Of Champions. Ambrose did wrestle at MITB but Rollins and Reigns only made the pre-show, so I guess they wouldn't count that one since it seems they're grouping them all together on their PPV appearances.
  4. they faced the super team of Orton, Sheamus and Cena at the rumble. at Mitb Ambrose was in the WHC case match and Rollins and Reigns defended their tag straps on the pre show.
  5. That was at EC. And i guess the pre show doesnt count as PPV.
  6. Shield was still on the Rumble card. They attacked the Rock during the wwe title match, that counts as an appearance. PPV payday
  7. Shocking to see Cody so high on that list. Well deserved.

    There's a lot to complain about with WWE, but pushing the wrong guys is no longer one of them (outside of a few here and there). Pretty much all the relevant mid-carders are IWC darlings in one way or another. You can argue about how good the push is, and some other people *coughZigglercough* who should be in higher spots, but the Shield/Cody/Cesaro/Bryan/Punk/Wyatt family/Big E group being spotlighted is definitely something we can be proud of. Now lets hope for less Orton and Del Rio in 2014.
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