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Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Stopspot, Apr 21, 2013.

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  1. Simple. who do you think is the most respected man in the WWE locker room by the other wrestlers? The locker room leader, the mentor, the one people turn to for advice. WWE likes to hype up Cena as that guy but I think there are others that are more respected than him.

    Undertaker has to be the most respected I think. considering his long tenure with the company, his career etc. There is a lot of talk about him being a locker room leader and I honestly believe it. Kane is also someone I think gets a lot of respect backstage.

    Who do you think?
  2. I think it's pretty much Undertaker by large consensus. He's been called the most respected man in the WWE locker room since around the late 90's and early '00.

    They even incorporated that part of him into his American Bad Ass character back in 2000-2003. That character was actually quite close to Taker's real personality (but amped up a bit, like the Stone Cold character for Austin) and the part about being respected and wanting/demanding respect was part of it.
  3. Undertaker, as for current superstars i'd say Kane.
  4. Cena, No doubt in my mind, every thing he does for charity and the troops and through thick and thin he is working constant, His home Boston is attacked? Where is he? On the road doing shows because he choose to stay on the road.
  5. Interesting theory^ I disagree
  6. Undertaker. He is most definitely the godfather of the locker room.
  7. Does Taker count since he's hardly there any more? I heard Orton was stepping up into that role at one bit, not sure if that's still the case.
  8. Actually, I heard Punk was. I think Punk was talking about it in an interview, and I can understand why since he is the "outlaw who spoke his mind" and got a push for it. I'd be surprised if Orton was. I can understand Kane being one definitely, and Cena.
  9. I think for current active superstars, Kane is the most respected. He doesn't mind putting the young guys over, he doesn't mind doing different gimmicks with his character(like right now being a comedy character with Daniel Bryan), he's very smart, so I can't see him pulling stupid illogical things in the locker room, he's worked with a good amount of legends, so he obviously learned a lot, and of course he doesn't mind being out of the world title picture.
  10. The Punk DVD claims he is a locker room leader. Not sure how much we can trust the DVD but he is a main eventer and has been there since 2005 (2007 or something for main roster I believe).
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  11. Oh, wrestlezone.

    I can buy it though. Most champions are leaders, they're forced to be. I just don't see people going to Orton for advice for some reason.
  12. Well CM Punk seems like a good person. I watched his DVD and he did help out Joey Mercury, and he is also showing indie talent on his twitter and stepping up in the locker room. Someone who stands up for himself is a good leader, also someone who's not afraid to have their voice heard is someone that could lead a lot of people.
  13. Undertaker,when he is there of course but on a weekly basis I think it's CM Punk,he has that feel of a leader and he is always seems interactive with the new talent,making sure they will have a good future,such as Ambrose and Rollins.
  14. I could see Big Show being a locker room leader as well. He's been there a long time and even longer in the business. Booker T as well if you count non wrestling talent.
  15. I'm sure Regal also helps the young talent in the back when he's around. Makes me wonder if JBL also gives some tips to the new guys or trys to help them out as well.
  16. Hornswoggle.
  17. Yoshi Tatsu.
  18. Undertaker for sure.
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