Most Shocking Moment In WWE History?

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  1. Yes, the title says it all. The most shocking moment for me is when Mankind got thrown off the top of the Hell In A Cell Cage by The Undertaker. CM Punks shoot promo was alright a big shock for me. I really couldn't believe that it happened.
  2. Vince buying WCW
    Some of the spots Shane O'Mac did back in the day
    Austin's retarded WM heel turn
    Steph aligning with HHH/turning on Vince was pretty shocking to me
  3. Shane jumping of the fucking titantron onto Big Show.
  4. Owen Hart's death

    Benoit murdering his family

    Undertaker hanging Big Boss Man

    Katie Vick storyline
  5. That moment wasn't really that shocking lol. They were just walking around the top and the edge and you could tell someone was gonna get thrown off. So not very shocking since you could already anticipate someone was gonna fall off the cell. Plus, you knew they wouldn't have done it if it was too dangerous. They figured out a way to do it w/o killing mankind.


    This, the big boss man hanging and Benoit murders really made me question the real/fake line in the WWE. "Holy shit is this real?"
  6. I think we can leave the deaths out of it. They sort of go without saying.
  7. Mankind going from the cell had rarely been seen if at all so I'd say it was shocking for its time.

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  8. The purchase of WCW was probably the most shocking, even if the show did become rather worthless in the last couple of years. The main shock was looking back, knowing that it had gone through financial problems before but had always survived. You would think after it had actually turned a profit and beat the WWF two years in the ratings, that this would have signaled the moment where you knew the company was probably always gonna be around. And then it ended up going out of business for good just a few years later.
  9. The Triple H Reign Of Horror 2002-2005. Boy, shocking moments were all around.... :shovel:
  10. I'll go with Chyna winning the IC title not once, but twice.

    Never saw it coming. In hindsight, giving the Lita title 10 times would have been a better idea
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