Most surprising players in the Prem so far

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Crayo, Feb 11, 2013.

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  1. What players have surprised you this year? I think mine would be Michael Carrick. I rate him as the most on form center midfielder in the premier league this season. Last season I think Yaya Toure was the reason City were a better side than United -- that and they had creativity -- and Michael has counter-acted that this season. In terms of midfielder statistics; he's in the top 5 for all of them.

    He passes forward more often than almost every midfielder in the league and has like a 92% pass succession rate. His interceptions are crucial, something he needed to and has added to his game.

    Michu is another one of course.

    Santi Cazorla as well. He was more or less pretty average in La Liga from what I remember. He was decent but he wouldn't be the one you were talking about after the match most of the time. What an inspired buy from Arsenal.

    James McCarthy, aka Wigan's crown jewels. The guy is very talented. I'm not sure he will still be there next season.

    Juan Mata is one that certainly comes to mind. While he was great last season, he has upped his game yet again. He is the top creator in the premier league in my opinion. He has surpassed David Silva and looks in incredible form.

    Leon Britton & Jonathan de Guzman - So underrated.

    And finally, Fellaini. A player who I fully expect to be at Chelsea next season.

    There are a lot more but I don't really want to steal them all.
  2. Steven Fletcher. Guy never really stood out THAT much at Hibs, expected him to be a decent Championship player but he's done really well so far in the Prem, 10 goals this season I think it is. Although I guess he was the surprise package for me a few years ago, he was scoring well for Wolves and Burnley in previous seasons I guess.
  3. He was the surprise last year for me. He's been pretty hit or miss this year.
  4. Theo Walcott, always knew he had it in him but he's finally becoming consistent so definitely him for me.
  5. Great call. Nearly said him myself.
  6. Why thank you, another player I'm kind of surprised by is Rafael, I say kind of as it was obvious that he was going to be a great player but I am surprised that he has made the step up so early, been a great RB this season imo, has matured a lot.
  7. Well Michu naturally, seems to be scoring for fun still

    Julio Cesar - The Qpr keeper has been magnificent for them in many games, and well without him they would be even more doomed then they already are

    Adam Lefondre - The reading supersub seems to keep nicking important goals for them when they need them

    A special mention goes to Fernando Torres as suprisingly bad, the team got tailored around him, with players who could supply him, and yet he still looks like he cant score for shit
  8. Another fantastic call -- was tempted to say him myself. Getting regular football has been great. He has won so many MOTM's this year, it's great.

    I guess Van Persie surprised me a little bit, I didn't think he'd be so successful at United personally.
  9. Exactly, could be the next Neville imo, been very consistent this year.

    And yeah same about Van Persie, only thing that stopped me saying him was that he was almost as good if not as good last season, still, I didn't expect him to be able to keep it up at United, been a fantastic signing for United and imo signing him has basically been the main factor in retaining the league title, presuming the title race is in fact over but it looks that way imo.
  10. Agreed. His goals & assists have been incredible. He's consistent and ALWAYS delivers in big matches, which is why I rate him as the best striker in the world. Falcao was nonexistent in Athletico's match yesterday.
  11. gareth bale never had him down as a goalscorer hes been on fire this year though also giroud was labelled a flop at the start of the season now hes been great so far same for podolski aswell beneke has done well this season so far
  12. He played yesterday, I watched him lol.
  13. Isnt falcao injured still
  14. must of just came back then he never played the game before


    also add le fondre to the list
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