Most underrated lower card wrestlers in the WWE

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  1. Who is the most underrated wrestler on WWE's lower card. By lower card I mean the guys below the regular mid card. The guys below Brodus, Ryback, Dolph and Swagster.

    Personally I say Tyson Kidd, Hawkins&Reks but they finally seem to get some TV time. McGillicutty, Gabriel and Riley. These guys are all good to great in the ring with some great charisma on their side and good to great mic skills depending on which one of them we are talking about. They all deserves so much more then they get.

    Who are your pics?
  2. Hawkins & Reks and Riley. They should both be in the ME or upper mid card.
  3. They have yet to prove themselves don't you think? :obama:
  4. Hawkins has worked for WWE since the mid 00's. Dudes feuded with the Undertaker as one of the Edgeheads with Zack Ryder. He has earned his spot. Riley has via proxy of Miz feuded with Cena and then later feuded with Miz.
  5. I never even knew Hawkins existed until 3 months ago. But now that you say that, I kind of remember him. I just hope WWE improves wit Ryder.
  6. Put Ryder back in the tag team division and have him and Hawkins feud. The feud can be based on a bet on which team will be champs first. Seeing as Ryder and Hawkins were tag champs when they were a tag team.
  7. Hawkins is an awesome wrestler - he trained The Rock on his comeback to face Cena.

    Reks and Hawkins together are absolute gold. How can they prove themselves when they aren't on TV?

    Riley has proven himself but has also messed up a few times unfortunately. I'd personally give him an IC run as a heel on SmackDown so it's less pressure. The guy is awesome on the mic and has the perfect look.
  8. Kidd, Riley, McGillicutty, Hawkins & Reks, Usos...
  9. Uso's definitely, nice post.

    Thing with Tyson is his lack of personality/mic skills. He's under appreciated with his wrestling ability - he's one of the best - but his charisma/mic skills really let him down imo.
  10. For some reason this didn't post earlier but Tyson by a fucking mile.
  11. I think Tyson should be given a chance. He's shown more charisma recently than he used to, he's not as good as Riley, for example, but I think his ring work is enough for him to be at least a midcarder that's on SD every week.
  12. Tysons mic and charisma skills have really improved since he started on NXT and Superstars. His feud with Henning jr is one of the best feuds WWE has going for the moment and it is in on it's fourth month.
  13. Definitely a regular mid carder. Or even align him with another fantastic wrestler, give him a unique face gimmick and have him spice up the tag-team division.
  14. The fact that WWE wants to team him up with Gabriel (whose mic skills also have grown on NXT ) speaks well for future tag team matches.
  15. But they'd bore me if they were gimmickless.
  16. Gimmicks can be come up with. Or maybe a entertaining manager.
  17. It would be one of those situations where their actions in the ring are supposed to do the talking. So, their gimmick would pretty much be of a tag team of high flyers, but I'd love to see their matches.
  18. Lack of gimmick can be solved by giving them a gimmick or a entertaining feud. Or perhaps a entertaining manager. Regal is high on both guys so imagine if he managed them.
  19. Tyson and Gabriel managed by Regal? :yay:
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  20. Regal as manager. Gimmick can be young energetic imbeciles with Regal being the guy who teaches/calms them down.
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