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The Lunatic Fringe
Rising Star
So we all have the well known rated TV shows like:

Game Of Thrones
The Walking Dead etc....

But have you guys ever seen a TV show that you find so underrated to what it is, mine is:

Shameless US Version

Honestly one of my favorite TV shows ever, a must watch!

Mustafar Reginald

The Lunatic Fringe
Rising Star
In terms of not a lot of people watching them, a lot of my favorite anime would fall under this. I think the stigma of, it's anime so it must be bad (or it's anime so it's either DBZ or weird tentacle porn), has more or less faded away but I still think shows like Rakugo Shinjuu and Mushishi should be held in higher regard to most people. I wish they were more talked about I guess, that maybe they'd be the crossover hit instead of say, Attack on Titan or whatever cause I love them. But those they have seen them hold them in high regard typically. I mean on MAL both have entries in the top 20 anime of all-time so underrated is a bit much.

Wolf's Rain on the other hand, is completely brilliant and is ranked at 400 or so. Best soundtrack in anime too by the way, better than Bebops imo and I do not say the lightly. Both were done by the same composer, Yoko Kanno, so it figures. Really wish the anime community showed that one more love.

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