Most Underrated Users on WWEF

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by CM Punk, Oct 11, 2012.

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  1. Who do you believe is the most underrated user on WWEForums?
    For me it's... maybe Joerulz.

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  2. KevinLockard
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  3. This.
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  4. More like him. :dawg:
  5. It's unusual that a decent member on here goes unnoticed, but yeah I'd say this. ColeMiner as well, though a lot of his posts are in TS which probably explains it.
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  6. Xanth. I mean, he's 600lbs, but people still think he's 425. I mean, get a grip.
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  7. Joerulz isn't underrated.. he gets plenty of praise, he just doesn't post enough.

    Lockard is a decent response.

    anybody remember this dude:


    he doesn't come on anymore and probably isn't relevant to this thread, but he was a great poster IMO
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  8. Nice one, him too.

    Also Leo C, he's rated but underrated.
  9. Danny Woods is a good contributor. He's nice & posts a lot.
    I'd say CM Punk, but its not like he already don't know he's a good contributor, same with Lacky.
  10. People always say Leo is underrated. When someone is regularly said to be underrated, that is the point in time when the cease to be underrated.
  11. Good find D'Z. I respected the shit out of him.

    I can't remember anyone else atm.
  12. R'Albin, no one ever says him! Why? He's one of the best users on here imo.
  13. Everyone knows R'Albin is rated.
    That's why :obama:
  14. But he never gets many votes for MOTM and I just wanna know why, he may still be rated, but not to the level of where he should be. IMO anyway.
  15. He is a former MOTM you noob
  16. No he isn't... Rainman was the first wasn't he?
  17. Unless I am trippin it went Rainman, Spot, then R'Albin

    I came in 2nd to them all
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