Most Underrated Wrestler in WWE History

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by PoPo, Apr 22, 2013.

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  1. This thread is to discuss who you think is the most underrated wrestler in WWE history. In my opinion I believe William Regal is the most underrated in the history of WWE. He's such a great wrestler he should have won a world title, but he didn't which honestly sucks. So let me here who you think is the most underrated wrestler in the history of WWE.
  2. This sort of depends - do you mean most underrated by the fans or by the WWE?
  3. Most underrated in your opinion.
  4. -Regal
    -Tyson Kidd
  5. I think Dean Malenko could have been better.
  6. Regal. By both the fans (outside of the IWC) and the WWE in this case.
  7. Sorry I see what your asking. I suppose both.
  8. Cool^

    A guy that's underrated by the 'E has to be Jericho. He's one of the biggest talents they've ever had and they refused to pull the trigger on him. Fans underrate Maddox atm, the guy is gold and plays his role really well.
  9. Raven
    Juventud Guerrera
  10. Lance Storm
    Dean Malenko
    2 cold scorpio
    Regal(to some extent by wwe)
  11. Bryan Danielson was someone they had too. Instead of using him though they jobbed him off in 2002. Shame, heard he was great around the indies.
  12. Also, Sting (WCW but still). I think people forget how fucking great he was back in the day.
  13. I heard he kicked faces in and took batista to the limit? But he can't be rookies :sad:
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  14. inb4 William Re- oh too late. Well the most underrated wrestler in WWE History is Taka Minchinoku bar none.
  15. Owen Hart, Rick Rude, and Mr.Perfect. All should have been World Champions.
  16. Underrated by the IWC is Cena and Hogan, neither gets the credit they deserve for their abilities.

    By the WWE I'll say Raven, DDP are the biggest examples.
  17. The Mexicools were pretty underrated by the WWE. They could now have carried the company, but been valuable parts of the mid card.

    Also Finlay.
  18. I agree they should have been world champions but despite them never holding it they were still vital aspects of their respective products, especially Rude and Perfect. Not sure how they can be most underrated because they never held a world title in all honesty.
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