Most Unpredictable Segment/Promo Interruptions

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by WarMachine, Jul 30, 2014.

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  1. The premise of this thread is simple. Who did you least expect to see interrupt a segment or come out to fight someone when someone else was called out? I'll start off with two very good examples of what this thread is about.

    I mean really. Did someone actually expect a jobber group to come out and attempt to attack a mega star and someone who has legit power in the behind the scenes department in WWE and at the time was feuding with Brock? Michael Cole summed it up perfectly when he said "What on earth" And I don't think anyone expected The Shield part either, as they were still in a feud with Orton, Team Hell No, and they found a way to involve The Undertaker in the feud.

    Next is quite possibly the best example of a unpredictable call someone out and get someone else scenario.

    3MB says in an interview that they are gonna call out The Shield. They promo about it and demands them to come out. They don't get The Shield. They instead get BROCK FUCKING LESNAR. Fucking random as hell. In what way was he associated with The Shield? Did The Shield send Lesnar out to attack them or something? Was there anything that led to this in storyline but off camera? I still have questions about that segment to this day. You really expect them to book Lesnar for an appearance just to easily decimate a jobber squad? I mean it was entertaining and all, but still, who the hell would have expected that to happen?

    I'll be sure to post more examples of this later and I look forward to feedback.
  2. Jericho interrupting the Rock during his debut was surprising.
  3. Jericho is the most surprising I can think of, since it was his debut and all.

  4. I honestly thought this guy would never be seen again in WWE in any capacity. I get it, it was the "Tell Me I Did Not Just See That" award presentation, so I understand why they booked that appearance, but still, it was random as hell and I don't think anyone would have predicted it.
  5. There are a variety of reasons why WWE can't surprise me. The internet makes returns obvious and the run-ins are very easy to call because professional wrestling is a competition.

    I may be in the minority on this, however.
  6. Lesnar returning in 2012 and his first return in 2013.

    But the WWE fucktards gave it away on the Twitters
  7. I never saw any Twitter photo on the 2012 return
  8. They said Brock was backstage.
  9. This is why I try to watch wrestling like a mark at times, it really helps.

    The limited use of the internet definitely helped also, there were Usenet groups about sure but the small presense of the IWC must have been bliss for avoiding spoilers.

    Jericho at the Rumble last year was a bit surprising when he came out second to reignite his feud with DZ.
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  10. I'm never reading another Internet report and spoiler thread ever again. I wanna be a child and mark out when ever someone returned.
  11. About the 2013 return, I had already known about that. According to, Brock and Sable spent the weekend before in Vegas so I had a feeling that Brock would be returning on the upcoming Raw.
  12. I actually do remember a surprise segment. I believe it was RAW 1000, when Daniel Bryan was set to marry AJ Lee.
    AJ said there was yet, another man who had proposed to her. Vince McMahon came out and announced AJ Lee was the new RAW GM. Since Vince isn't a competitor it's easy to overlook him when it comes to random interruptions.
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