MOTM cash reward?

Discussion in 'Suggestions & Questions' started by Trip in the Head, Oct 26, 2013.

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  1. I thought maybe if the MOTM is going to return like I have heard and the cash system has been redone there could perhaps be a forums cash reward for MOTM winners? If this already happens please disregard my ignorance.

    All that money @Jonathan :why: lol
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  3. Great idea. Accepted. MOTM winners will be given a cash bonus.
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  4. Automated response you just got boyed off son.
  5. Nice quote :emoji_wink:

  6. Yeah bitch.
  7. Stfu taking this off topic. Verbal warning.
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  8. I'd love to see that multicolor userbar back instead of money tbh.
  9. I thought the user bar was sticking?
  10. Don't know yet, but probably it won't be as colorful as it was before. Don't really know.
  11. Well den gim my monay byatch!
  12. How much with the reward be :shock:
  13. About tree fiddy
  14. Big enough to be an incentive to win it. Small enough not to ruin the economy.
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  15. 10 million dollas
  16. A billion dollars
  17. Oh man people will be politicking for MOTM now, hahaha :burns:
  18. #VoteForVince
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