MotN ?

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Rysenberg, Jul 15, 2012.

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  1. What would everyone say was MotN? Personally I'm going for the SD! MitB, was exciting throughout, crowd were constantly into it and some amazing spots.

    Bryan/Punk could arguably be MotN, just too much crap going on throughout it for it to be given anything more than ****, as entertaining as I found a lot of it.

  2. Easily SD MiTB match. Stole the show.
  3. SmackDown! MiTB most definitely.
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  4. SD MITB.
  5. SD MITB

    Punk vs Bryan

    Also I enjoyed the Kofi and Truth match as well!
  6. I thought Bryan/Punk would steal the show but SmackDown MITB was just too awesome. So yeah, the latter gets it for me. Jesus Christ.

    Special mentions go to Dolph Ziggler (best seller in the world, period), Tyson Kidd (amazing spot), Rhodes (more awesome selling), Christian (was fucking amazing) and Tensai (Yes, Tensai, he was great)
  7. Damn it! :bury:
  8. Someone else like my chunky monkey Tensai :yay: he played the battering ram monster role really well tonight IMO.
  9. I prefer Punk/Bryan
    Just wished Bryan would have won :cry:
  10. Liked Bryan/Punk and the SD MITB. :emoji_wink:)
  11. Smackdown's MITB was the best.
  12. SD MITB for MOTY!!
  13. Agreed.

    Always said he has the best monster wrestling style inside the ring. Plus he manages to do it in a less burial and more entertaining way than Big Show.
  14. Plus, he has speed.. Show has to take 10 seconds to get to the other side of the ropes..
  15. SD MITB let me down. i think Raw was fucking awesome though!!!
  16. Smackdown Money In The Bank followed by the WWE Championship Match.

    The WWE Title entertained me but Smackdown MITB was 10 times better. Amazing spots and a great winner!
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