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  1. Does anyone else love these guys? One of the best tag teams over the past 5 years definitely.

    A few examples for people who've never seen them :
    Vs Gen Me at DX 2010

    Vs Beer Money Victory Road 2010

    Vs Beer money ultimate X

    Generally the whole best of 5 series with Beer money was awesome.

    A few backstage segments showing Shelley to be a good speaker, Sabin is more of just an in ring performer imo.

  2. Literally only seen a couple of matches until now, so judging on YouTube videos alone I'd agree with you, they're definitely up there with the the best tag-teams in the tag-team division. I've always thought you only need good chemistry to be a good tag-team, along with the typical good move-set, spots, facial expressions & story. Watching other wrestling-companies excel in their tag-team division does make me jealous. It's so exciting watching a thrilling tag-team match. Not a random put-together one but a serious tag-team wrestling match with proper tag-teams.

    They naturally have the potential to be match of the night every night merely because of the number of people competing, the practised spots & the story told with a tag-team match, it's a gift. More on-topic though, I find their promos funny & their wrestling definitely above par. That already is solid foundations for a great team.
  3. It's a shame the WWE has abandoned tag teams really. As you say they can create great matches and even great moments. Look at the Dudleys/ E&C and Hardy's feud it made 4 stars for the next ten years. Would Matt, Jeff , Edge and Christian have been as successful without that feud from 1999 into 2000? I personally doubt it.
  4. JR's said the same thing. Tag-teams have always made the individuals superstars. Stone Cold grew in a tag-team, can't quite remember the name then. But that's where he was absolute gold and became himself. Why? The pressure isn't on you solely, it helps you grow if you have a partner to share the heat, and 9 times out of 10 that partner becomes a close friend.
  5. Massive, massive fan of them. The series with Beer Money was one of my all-time-favourite TNA moments.
  6. It was an amazing feud plus when the Guns won the belts was a big moment as they should have had them in 2008 with the whole frontline deal imo.
  7. The first PPV that Sabin is back, MCMG will be tag team champions again. Whoever has it in TNA right now, is just keeping it warm for them.
  8. I really hope you are correct. Have you heard anything about Sabin's injury or when he's due back? He's been out for a while hasn't he?