Mouth For War! Rhino and EC3 Continue to Feud!

Discussion in 'TNA Feed' started by TNA, Sep 3, 2014.

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    What went wrong!? Well, is you ask EC3, it was all Rhino’s fault and this lead to his beloved “Aunt D” Dixie Carter going through a table at the hands of Bully Ray. Two weeks ago, we all watched as EC3 and Rhino engaged in a war of words that turned explosive, with EC3 leaving Rhino’s body lying ringside after a vicious beating.

    Last week, we saw another explosion between the two when they faced off on IMPACT. The match reached it’s end when EC3 boiled over and savagely beat down Rhino with a steel chair. Once again, Rhino was left lying – but a real outcome has yet to be determined. So, we’re told that Rhino is on his way to IMPACT tonight and plans to issue another challenge to EC3 for tonight’s show. Knowing Rhino’s own explosive personality type, one has to imagine that fireworks will be in full effect during tonight’s show.

    Another important focus in all of this is Rockstar Spud, EC3’s “best friend” who has nearly received beatings of his own from Mr. Carter in recent weeks. In fact, last week, EC3 even threatened to blast Spud with the chair as Spud pleaded for him to stop his attack on Rhino. Will Spud be in the corner of his best friend tonight!?

    Tune into Spike TV at 9/8c tonight to find out!


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