Moves you'd like to see guys use again?

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  1. I don't understand why Sheamus stopped using the Razor's Edge. Such a great move, looks great and it works for him. Haven't seen him use it in forever

    so much better than the shitty 'white noise'
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    Skull Crushing Finale! I didn't like it too much but in my opinion, it fitted better to The Miz than the figure 4 leglock (I know he uses it but I'd like to see that as his main finisher again)
  3. Jake Roberts-style DDT. The Edge/Gangrel Impaler DDT would be nice to see back as well, but I prefer the former where it can be brought on out of just about nowhere and hit with impact more suddenly. (Kind of the difference between an RKO/Diamond Cutter and a Stunner, when you think about it.)

    Razor's Edge would be nice to see back, too. The Brogue Kick is a good finisher for Sheamus though, so I'm fine with handing it off to someone else.

    I also want to see a big (fat) guy do the Banzai Drop or the Vader Bomb again.
  4. The fucking super kick. Why did Doplh drop it? :facepalm:
  5. Hmmm. Don't know about Dolph but I loved HBK's Sweet Chin Music
  6. Falcon Arrow.
  7. If they want to push Langston, they should have Nash gift him the jackknife powerbomb. He has the strength to pull it off and it would look much better than his "big ending"
  8. I don't really think so, but could look pretty amazing tbh
  9. I'd want a taller guy than Big E Langston to use the Jackknife Powerbomb as a finisher.I think giving Langston The Dominator would be pretty sweet. Haven't seen someone since Bobby Lashley (and Faarooq before him) use it as a finisher, unless I'm missing something. Keep passing the move from one black man to the next.
  10. the Big Ending is fucking awful
  11. Wasn't too keen on Sheamus doing the crucifix powerbomb, it lacked impact IMO. Anyway I wanna see Punk bust out the Pepsi Twist, D Bry a Danielson special and the regal plex and have Ohno use more cravatte variations.
  12. Haven't seen a brainbuster in a while.
  13. brainbuster
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