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Discussion in 'Gaming & Media' started by Solid Snake, Jun 4, 2014.

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  1. I thought of something, I don't know who would be down to do it but it is just a thought...
    Since so many people have netflix anymore, how about we do a weekly movie recommendation?
    Users can take turns recommending a movie for the week then people can discuss the movie at the end of the week. You can pretty much check all movies on netflix here ( ) making it easy to search stuff. Just a thought of something for us people who don't get out much...

    :okay: lol
  2. I'm always looking for a good movie to watch... I don't have Netflix, but I can work around that lol

    The problem is there's not a lot I haven't seen lol
  3. Yeah I have a feeling a lot of people may run into that. I am not a huge movie person but I enjoy sitting down and watching a movie at least once a week. Problem is, I never know what to watch. lol
  4. Machete Kills now on Netflix; if you like Cheesy Action Movies than this is one for you. Personally I dig the Machete series, it's pretty cool watching a 67-69 and now 70 year old man for the 3rd one whenever that comes out, kick some ass.

    That Awkward Moment (Not on Netflix); I'm just gonna say this makes two awesome Zach Effron comedies in a row.

  5. Agreed on both counts... and damn.. Imagen Poots made a lasting impression on me in That Awkward Moment... I am completely infatuated with her.
  6. Probably the best part of 28 Weeks Later, aside from Jeremy Renner. If you've never seen that or 28 days later (both zombie movies) I totally suggest them, 28 Days Later before 28 Weeks.
  7. They are a part of my blu ray collection...

    I've actually been thinking of making a thread about my collection... but I doubt anyone would be interested lol
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  8. I used to have a pretty gnarly DVD collection but I upgraded to Blu Rays after getting a PS4 (aside from TV shows, I still get DVDs of those, well other than Arrow which is like primo Blu-Ray quality show or like Game of THrones or Spartacus or something like that looks clutch in HD.)
  9. I recommend a movie called Perfect Sense starring Ewan McGregor and Eva Green.... not sure if it's on Netflix or not. If not I can message you the link. It is about a couple who have met and are falling in love in the midst of a worldwide epidemic that is causing the whole of the human race to lose each of their 5 senses.. one after the other... interesting concept and great storytelling and acting.
  10. A movie on the list of Netflix movies that I thought was good is Arena starring Kellan Lutz and Samuel L Jackson. It is testosterone filled though... lots of fighting action with blood and gore and some nudity... but the story is pretty good and the acting was okay as well.
  11. BEWBIES!!!!

    I am acting like a 12 year old boy, sorry. lol
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