Movie Review In Pictures: Megan Is Missing

Discussion in 'Gaming & Media' started by [://puls3], Jul 5, 2013.

  1. I was bored, and I watched a shitty movie. Here you go.

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  2. Well then.... that movie sounds..... interesting... I guess.
  3. So a standard found footage mixed with torture porn horror.
  4. Was this a porno?
  5. Hey Puls3 this shit is crazy, I just saw the movie and c'mon your in the Woods and you don't hear steps behind you Amy? This guy wanted to see how much and how much involved Amy was getting to friend her friend, and he thought to himself you wanna see, you got it sick.Also when they were in their cells, the dude has them locked via a stick on the lock, a small ass stick.C'mon it was a guy, I would pounded my shoulder there, once he left the place, till that stick broke, and got away before saving my friend.Hey here's another idea, at the end when Amy comes out of her cell, how about kick him in his nuts, and bash his brains in with something, hell the camera?
  6. Did a google search, This shit is fucked up. I feel sick no joke.
  7. Funny. I wanted to watch this movie about a week ago. Good thing I didn't.
  8. I am so confused right now.
  9. A virgin raped... Don't need to know more about the film. I'll watch it.
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  10. :dafuq: is wrong with you?
  11. Nothing. If I'm honest I've already watched this film.
  12. Hahaah this made me laugh.
  13. Nothing better than reading this at 4 AM
  14. A comedy? Seems like my type of movie.
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