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Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by catlady, Nov 29, 2013.

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  1. Since @Dat Kid From Jersey was too lazy to make the thread... :mad2:
    I AM! :angry:

    What you do is take a member, and make a movie trailer voice (in text) for them.
    For example : "In a world where cats have been sent to prison camps, one woman must risk everything to save them. Britta : The movie"

    Got it?

    By the way, no one take offense to this. We're all just joking around.
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  2. In a world where Hoffs have gone wild, one man must control them to gain power over the innocent. Hoff: The Movie.
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  3. In a world where cat nip has been outlawed, one woman must fight her addiction. This is Britanica: Catwoman Rises
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  4. :yes::yes::yes:
  5. In a world where Randy Savage lives on, one man must make a quest across the United States to hug Randy Savage. Nickelodeon: The Movie.
  6. One man is left standing against all humanity with his back against the wall, can he defend his opinions? Or will he be a total dick about it? Nero Rises.
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  7. That's impossible to write a script for. None of its factual.
  8. In a world where @Xanth has no faith in the forum, one man will prove him wrong.

    @Crayo : The Journey
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  9. One man. One door.
    Xanth: The Struggle
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  10. One man. Two feet. Lots of toe jam.
    CM Punk: The Movie
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  11. One man must fight his urges when trapped in a closet with Dean Ambrose, Britanica, and kittens. Vintage: The Epic
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  13. Cheezits. Cats. Coons. Britanica and Coon: Two of a Fucked-Up Kind.
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  14. One Man. One Ice Cream truck.
    Gohan: Child Molester
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  15. Two Boys. One Cup. Jonothan the Movie
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  16. One man finds himself alone with Rob Ford and a banana. What can he do with the endless opportunities? CM Punk: The Movie
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    One bike. One bucket of chicken. Which one will he choose?

    Dat Kid: The Struggle
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  18. In a small town where soccer is everything and balls are too, One man child must find a way to bang every woman in his post code. 39 Seconds (staring @Crayo)
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  19. Fat Camp meets Vintage while the United States of Ambrose meets Rollins in this tale of him and his twin Seth Rollins being mixed up during their Summer endeavors. Who will come out alive? Vintage: The Movie
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  20. In a world where everything is white.
    Dat Kid: Lost
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