movies that have made you cry?

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  1. Lets see how this goes so have ever cried at a movie and if so which ones?

    Id make a list but we could be here a while
  2. Lion King made me cry a lot as a kid. Damn Mufasa having to go die :sad:
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  3. The Marine 3
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  4. :sad: me too
  5. Lion king is hardcore emotion.
  6. A Walk To Remember and Titanic have always made me cry.
  7. Lion King didn't make me cry, but it did make me feel pretty sad. I watched it in the theaters with my mother and I remember telling her that Mufasa couldn't be dead because I remember the trailer showing him being in other parts of the movie that hadn't happened yet. But then she crushed my hopes a few minutes later when she said that the adult lion in the trailer must of been Simba all grown up.

    The ending of The Green Mile had me weeping like a bitch when I saw it as a teenager.
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  8. Marley and me has to be the worst basically any film where an animal dies gets me
  9. Toy Story 3 :sad:
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  10. I can't think of any offhand, and I watch quite a few movies.
  11. Nearly cried at Toy Story 3 when the toys were about to be destroyed then marked like fuck for the crane.

    Also what the fuck is it with Disney movies where everyone is orphans?
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  12. Fucking Marley and me.

    Rudy, and field of dreams.
  13. I too nearly cried at the end, but when Andy gave away his toys.
  14. Good will hunting, a beautiful mind, forrest gump, armageddon, the green mile all also made me cry
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  15. Just me that cried at the end of the wizard of oz?
  16. The beginning of Up was pretty damn depressing.
  17. :true: i cried during that too
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  18. Real men don't cry!

    They only weep! :tough:
  19. Besides Lion King I'd have to go with Radio, Rudy, Armageddon, The Green Mile, and Remember The Titans.
  20. Is it bad if I almost cried during a part of The Spongebob Movie?
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