Movies Movies to put your woman in the mood?

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  1. Ok, so apparently The Notebook counts as @GrammarNazi82 's thread made painfully obvious. I always thought Interview with a Vampire was a good one to get the ladies going too.

    Any more suggestions?

    inb4 AnyKindOfPorno
  2. Cruel Intentions

    Taking Lives (part of it anyway)

    Trying to think, as I'm sure there are several. No doubt 50 Shades will once it comes out, ugh.
  3. Oh my wife will be going to see that, no doubt. Taking Lives! I almost forgot about that one. I was such a big Angelina fan back in the day. When I say back in the day I mean 'as a horny teen' btw.
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  4. No offense, I just cannot fathom paying to go see what amounts to a porno in a theater filled with other people. :haha: Yes!! I know the movie as a whole wouldn't necessarily put a woman in the mood, but dammit if that one sex scene isn't pretty hot.

    Unfaithful is another one. Haven't seen it myself, but remember hearing about some of the scenes in it.
  5. Oh, and if we're going by getting in the mood in general and not just talking steamy or sexy scenes.... Pride and Prejudice. :gusta:
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  6. Yeah thats true. Like going to see Showgirls in the theatre. That must have been awkward. Plus it was just plain bad lol.

    And yes, that one sex scene............:mog:
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  7. Maybe I will check that out
  8. If you can stomach it. :haha: Complete chick flick all the way around, but it's Jane Austen, and what woman doesn't want a Mr. Darcy? It's good for getting in the mood in a romantic sexual way.
  9. Well it would be something I would watch with my wife, not by myself of course. By myself I watch stuff like Star wars, Marvel Movies and other action stuff because she is not one for action movies. She's never even SEEN Star Wars all the way through. Didn't keep her interest enough she says. :facepalm:
  10. Are those actually good? I think I have seen them listed on Netflix
  11. I enjoyed both of them.. some people might find them boring though. The story is great and the acting is GREAT.. so to me that made the movies themselves very good.
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  12. Obviously the original Star Wars trilogy. Guaranteed to make your woman wet or she's just an alien.
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  13. My friend got his first BJ from Spiderman trilogy
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  14. I got "lucky" watching "lucky number slevin" :happy:
  15. Okay, in hanging out with a friend this weekend, I told her about the story that inspired this thread, and in discussing it she confirmed that yes, there are scenes in The Notebook that are great for getting in the mood. I only watched it once years ago, so I couldn't remember, and I'm pretty sure all the other romantic and sad tones in the movie drowned out any sexual urges it may have created for me. But yeah, add that one to your "to watch" list with your ladies. In particular there's the whole rain scene and some scene involving stripping and running through the house.
  16. Clockwork Orange is a solid choice
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