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Discussion in 'Gaming & Media' started by catlady, Jan 8, 2014.

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  1. What are some movies that ended up being better then the books they were based on?
    I know in most cases the books are better, as they deliver more detail.
  2. The Godfather. The book was okay, the movie was a masterpiece. This was one case where the extra detail in the novel was boring and unnecessary.

    The Borne Identity. Ludlum novels are garbage and the Bourne novels were no exception. The movie was superior in every way.

    The best example of a good book being turned into a better movie is No Country for Old Men. As brilliant as the novel was (and it was) the movie was just a bit better. It won an Academy Award for best picture. The novel had some very stark prose, so it read much like a screenplay itself. A very natural adaption.

    I could think of more, but honestly, there's plenty of movies that are better than their novel counter parts. In general, film is the superior artform, especially in the hands of a capable filmmaker.
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  3. I thought this was gonna be a topic about arguing which was the superior medium between the two overall (in which case I had a lot to say) but oh well.

    The only book I've read all the way through that was later adapted into a film was Christine (an '83 horror film) and I'm not sure which I like better. Probably the book by just a little bit but there were little things the film was able to do better.
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  4. Christine is actually a great book and a great little film. Surprised me a lot when I saw the film as I didnt expect much at all but it covered all the needed groundwork of the book and was done surprisingly well.

    Pet Semetery is another that was adapted well.
  5. I can't think of any off the top of my head(unless you count comics as the books too, in which case the book is usually better), BUT I am interested to see how this 50 Shades of Gray turns out as a movie compared to the book. I didn't read them, but my wife did and from what she has told me......oh my!
  6. Isn't that book about some old woman talking about all her sexual adventures?
  7. Haha no. Its about a young woman who gets involved with this rich playboy guy (also pretty young) and he is into all this kinky sex stuff and gets her to try it all out. She learns she likes some of it too. Don't know all the deets, but holy cow.

    XXX (open)
    Not sure which book these are in, but a couple of examples (might not be exactly correct as I did not read them):
    1: He sets up a bed on some wheels and marks an X on the floor with tape on the otherside of the room. She gets tied up on the bed and he basically has to fuck her enough to get the bed to move to the X.
    2: He invites her to a high class party (because he is VERY high class) and gives her beads to, well, put in herself while she attends the party. And she does it IIRC.
    Yeah NC-17 for sure I would think. Still interested to see how they do it.
  8. Oh wow... yeah I was off on that, but still, isn't the author an old woman?
  9. OH maybe. Not sure. Just know it was originally written as Twilight fan fiction, although how that translates over I have no idea.
  10. Twilight, when you think about the story, is a bit creepy, being that the vamp dude is like 100 something and he's going after a girl. hhaha
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  11. But it was "true love" *vomit* I hated those movies. Only thing good was that the werewolves at least looked like badass as giant wolves. I was curious how those books translated to the movies as well as I never read them, but watched the movies with the wife.

    So who has read The Lord of the Rings books??? I heard the books for those were much better, but I LOVED those movies so I am curious.
  12. Never read the books or saw the movies. They lost me when the vamps were like glittery women. lolol
    And LOTR movies are great, I never read the books but heard the same thing.
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  13. Same here
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  14. The author isn’t old, but she ain’t young either. Forty or so. And the content of the book has nothing to do with her own sex life because the content of the books is the most unrealistic bullshit you could imagine. In interviews she said she was just scribbling out her fantasies. I only read it because I had a friend who wouldn’t shut up about it. It was the most cringe-worthy piece of shit I’d ever read. The prose was highschool level, literally. It was set in Seattle (like most Twilight fics) and yet the characters spoke with English dialects at times. The characterization was non-existent. The main character is a 20 year old virgin who’s never even touched herself, and her love interest is a 26 year old ultra-handsome billionaire (yes, billionaire with a B – at 26) who speaks French, plays the piano, does lots of charity, and spends all his time with the girl while never actually working. They bicker, they fight, he abuses her, they makeup, he abuses her some more. There’s no plot, no story. Just unrealistic sex. This chick orgasms just when looks at her ffs. One touch - bang, climax. But the worst thing is how the author portrayed a BDSM relationship. It’s nothing like that IRL, in fact the book is more like a how-to NOT make a BDSM relationship work. It’s just…it’s awful, lol.

    Anyway, I know you weren’t asking me, but I couldn’t resist the opportunity to ventilate that quickly. Sorry, lol.
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  15. Thats ok, nice to hear someone else's perspective on it
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  16. Sounds like an awful book. LOL Yeah, I never planned on reading it, but after knowing all that... I am sure to tell others considering it, not to.
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  17. I'm gonna list two suggestions and take them as you will. First, I prefer the more modern style of Romeo and Juliet (with DiCaprio in it) and I really enjoyed the Holes book, but loved the film with Sigourney Weaver as Kissin' Kate.
  18. Jurassic park movie > book.

    Revenge of the Sith book > movie (really gives you more of an insight on the feelings of Anakin/vader. Plus no Hayden Christensen ruining the role).
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  19. Probably the LotR movies tbh. I read through the book and thought it was horribly drawn out and too much to enjoy tbh. I loved Lion witch and wardrobe book series and thought the movies were horrible, the Hobbit is not as good as the books but close, honestly i cant think of many movies that are better than the books they were adapted from.

    Also 50 shades of gray haha, hopefully it's helping middle aged men get their dick touched a little more often. Senhor can vouch for that one way or another, im sure.
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