Movies you wish that they would make sequels 2 (Get it...I said a sequel...I'm a funny guy)

Discussion in 'Gaming & Media' started by Tumbas' #1 Fan, May 29, 2013.

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  1. Sequels are important to many because it gives a chance to explore deeper into a characters' lore or give a character a larger personality. I honestly love when GREAT sequels or made. Or if it's fun. Now there are movies that we all wish had sequels so....What movies do you think should have had a sequel?? Plus why should the movies have sequels?
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  2. I actually find it hard to come up with answers, but no doubt will agree with loads posted. Just can't think. Maybe Inception because of the end?
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  3. To answer your question. I think Inception is one of those movies that doesn't need a sequel. Plus Nolan never does sequels unless he loves an idea in his mind...or it's Batman.
  4. So I've already failed in this thread? Great.
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  5. You didn't fail lol There is always room for more chances.
  6. The Usual Suspects only because I'm curious, it would have ruined it though if they brought out a sequel.

    A Training Day sequel could have been cool as well.
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  7. Every movie thread you mention these two films lol.

    Warrior has potential for a sequel too imo, Tommy has the issues with his desertion plus the family he looked after and was going to give the money to (forgot the name) plus you have Brendan restoring a relationship with his dad. MMA could still be a factor but the potential is there. I think.
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  8. I know lol, they're my favorite films, have you seen either?
  9. Training day yep, the other I haven't though.
  10. You should watch it, Kevin Spacey is in it and his acting is fantastic.

    Training Day is maybe my favorite film, Denzel's acting is incredible.
  11. I wanna see a Superbad sequel so bad.
  12. Avatar 2 probably good film like to see another

    & JWABTV awesome sig loved that film
  13. i am legend but a prequel instead of a sequel

    A serbian film just to see if they can get any worse
  14. It wouldn't work but I'd love a Me, Myself & Irene sequel.
  15. Would have liked a Freddy vs Jason 2 back in the day. It's too late at this point though (it's been ten years since the first film's release this August) and it's probably best left as a stand alone anyway.
  16. Serenity as we need more Firefly.
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