Movies you've watched/bought recently

Discussion in 'Gaming & Media' started by Extraterrestrial, Oct 21, 2013.

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  1. Post them here, and feel free to discuss and rate them.
    Thought a thread like this could be a cool way to come across new movies, recommendations, and such.
  2. Just finished watching The Lost Boys, haven't watched this one in years but it's still great (if a little cheesy). 80's, vampires, motorcycles. What more can you ask for? :happy:
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  3. As a kid that movie made me afraid of Chinese food and wine :lol1:
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  4. The Lost Boys is fucking awesome, need to watch that again.

    Anyway I've been wanting to watch Django Unchained recently as it has one of my favorite actors in it (Walton Goggins) so wondering if anyone has seen it? And if so does it justify the hype?
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  5. Django was pretty good. At least worth one viewing.
  6. Django was good, but not one of Tarantino's best. The dialogue got a bit rambling at times, and Django himself was a very cardboard personality, so he wasn't your typical Tarantino character. But DiCaprio was fucking awesome as the villain, and the themes of the movie itself (slave killing slavers) was pretty awesome and interesting too. Definitely worth watching, but it did fall a little short of the hype.

    As for the OP, the last movie I saw was Man of Steel. It sucked. Superman and "realism" just don't mix. It would've been okay as a regular sci-fi movie, but even then it would've been boring, poorly paced, inconsistent, etc. Just so much ridiculousness in that movie. Great special effects, but who gives a shit about special effects?
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  7. After Earth - Kinda shitty but it passes the time. Jaden wasn't as bad as people make him out to be.
    Grown Ups 2 - Just a good comedy, Adam Sandler is amazing.
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  8. The hate Jaden gets is ridiculous.
  9. I watched This is the End like a few months ago. Hilarious movie.
  10. The next two movies I am going to watch are "Man of Steel" and "Grown Ups 2" - looking forward to the second one a lot.
  11. We're The Millers....funny shit also Jennifer Aniston is a stripper
  12. Haven't seen many lately... did purchase a Blu-ray dvd of Star Trek 'Origins,' which I plan to watch when we unpack at our new place in a few months..
  13. I heard someone say that was better than the original Star Trek's.
  14. I haven't actually watched a film in a long while. I think the last movie I watched was A Perfect World with Clint Eastwood and Kevin Costner. Shame they didn't really have a dialogue scene together.

    Speaking of Django Unchained, I haven't watched it yet but Kevin Costner was supposed to have Di Caprio's role in that. It would have been interesting seeing him in a Taratino movie but oh well. Costner > Di Caprio any day for me.
  15. Identity Thief: Pretty meh, Trailers looked good but it didn't pay off and the ending was bad.

    Grown Ups 2: Again meh, Preferred the first one.
  16. I have seen the 'remastered' episodes on ME-TV, and whom ever worked on them did a great job. New graphics, etc...
  17. What a little girl.
  18. Thought you were into that :pipebomb:
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  19. Gonna watch Grown Ups 2 in the mornin.

    Also gonna re-watch all the Die Hards tomorrow, even the recent one which sucked a huge one.
  20. The new die hard made me die a little inside
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