Moyes laying the law down on Rooney.

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Crayo, Jul 15, 2013.

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  1. As people know, Rooney threw his dummy out the pram again as soon as he realised Sir Alex preferred RVP over him, as shown in the Real Madrid game. As soon as that happened, Rooney was benched more often, and handed in a transfer request. He wants to be the main guy, but he can't ahead of the best striker on the planet.

    So, he tries to force himself out. Moyes comes in and is blatantly honest with him. He says "We're not selling you, but you're not our number one guy. You're staying here to be back up for RVP" - class. I love hard managers like that who don't just appease to the big egos. It MIGHT be a mistake though as I think Rooney has two years left, and losing a talent like him next year for significantly cheaper than we should do, it could bite Moyes in the ass. However, Ronaldo will have a 1 year contract next year too, maybe Rooney goes there and Ronaldo comes to United.

    Anyway, thought I'd post this.
  2. :haha: love you Crayo, but you're going to cry ao much when you realise Ronaldo is staying
  3. I would like Rooney to come to Madrid, if its cheap. 10-15M? Deal. But he has to understand hes not going to be the top guy
  4. Is david Moyces being serious or its 'July Fool day' Manutd has already a lot of Forwarders for example Welbeck , Bebe , Zaha , Hernandez also the team can make new signing and i don't know why rooney cant leave . 'Its time for a change' I also believe Ronaldo wont come to Manutd because Ferguson has retire... :ksi:
  5. Ferguson is still there day-to-day though as the director of football.

    Bebe can die, Welback can't finish to save his diner, Zaha is a winger, Hernandez is awesome but is a different type of player. Rooney isn't just a ST replacement, but he can play CAM as well (hopefully 2nd place behind Kagawa in that department). If Rooney leaves, we'll NEED to replace him. Bale/Ronaldo are the likely ones (yep, likely, imo).
  6. Bale is winger ... :pity2:
  7. Actually, Bale plays CF/CAM for Spurs now. Very rarely plays on the wing. Plus, he's like Ronaldo, put him on the wing and he goes anywhere he likes. World class players are afforded that freedom.
  8. He would likely go to Real Madrid...
  9. His family is in England, he reportedly favours England - it's not that simple. I reckon he'd prefer to be in a top English team than Real Madrid.
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  10. 'We haven't got money burning a hole in our pocket but we have got a strategy on player purchases and if David wants to go after a stellar player he can do that,' he said. (club's chief executive)

    They said they are able to compete for players in the £60million-£70million bracket , Other teams like RM Are trying to buy him for 80milion he wouldnt go to Manutd .

    Read more here :
  11. Lol nice source. Daily Mail? Really?
  12. What is wrong with it :l
  13. They make things up dude.

    Anyway, United making bid(s) for Fabregas.
  14. One day we'll see Bale in a Man Utd shirt, I'd love to see him play for Man Utd!


    He looks good with that badge on right?
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  15. Looks amazing. I'd mark SO hard
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