MP's vote in favour of gay marriage in the UK.

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Crayo, Feb 5, 2013.

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    Finally. Not really sure how many of you are going to care, but it's a step in the right direction.

    inb4 rednecks come raging at me.
  2. Good job UK. Good job.
  3. Bout time imo. Helps that a few of the MP's voting are also gay helped give the vote some credibility.
  4. When can we expect your wedding to Xanth?
  5. Surprised this wasn't done sooner tbh :/, don't understand why you wouldn't let two people who love each other can't just get married like anyone else.
  6. I'm against it.
  7. Not sure if trolling or serious.
  8. I'm serious. It's just my opinion on things.
  9. Fair enough I suppose, but it's a shame you think like that :/ people deserve to be happy regardless of sexual orientation. everyone deserves to be treated equally and respected.
  10. It's also against my religion. In Islam it's strictly forbidden to have a sexual relationship with the same kind, i.e, a male and a male or a female and a female.
  11. Good. Why shouldn't they be allowed to be married? Who honestly would vote against it. It makes 0 sense to vote against it.
    Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve and all that BS is exactly that, BS. Religion always has to come between everything in life, it's pathetic.
  12. @[Crayo] just noticed you posted this!
    It was a great step forward for the UK. I for one never want to marry in church (can't stand the idea) but the fact that others do and now can is great. What is also good about the bill is that it also gives the individual churches the right to choose whether they will hold ceremonies. I am no fan of religion don't get me wrong, but it's only fair if we have the choice to marry in church that the church has the choice to marry us!
  13. Hey, I have nothing against homosexual people. It just bothers me when they talk with a lisp and gesture around.
    But It also bothers me when rednecks hate on them for no reason.

    Also, the parades :eww:
  14. About time, it's embarrasing that it took so long tbh, how is it any different than a man and a woman? Two people who love eachother and deserve to be happy together, I get religious people might be against it but if the two people aren't religious, then why should religion affect their life? Religion causes so much shit in this world.
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  15. So when is the wedding Xanth/Crayo?
  16. So you are against it because your religion says for you to be against it? Are you not morally against it? Do you have any reasons to be against it that aren't written in a book?
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  17. Amen to that.

    Too many people are caught up in religion and don't even think of it morally.
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  19. Pretty late imo...

    But yeah, it finally happened.
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