Mr. Anderson- just Aces & 8s filler?

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    When Aces & Eights first started courting Anderson it seemed like he would play one of the larger roles within the group, considering his personality and standing within the company.

    Since deciding to join, however, he has been nothing more than an extra, simply there amongst the crowd. He doesn't get mic time (his strength) he doesn't get singles matches and is thrown into group matches as an afterthought.

    Is this going to be his main function as a member? Just to blend into the background and add some name value to the club? To me it seems like a waste of a guy who was once pretty popular in TNA.

    Would you guys be interested in an angle where Anderson starts to doubt the club, realizes Bully is in it for himself and not this "never walk alone" stuff, and he begins to resent the club and rebel against it?

    I think Anderson defecting from the heel stable and becoming a challenger for Bully's title (just one of those built up Impact title matches, no PPV or anything)could be entertaining. It could become a very interesting mini-feud and add another layer to the group and become the first crack in the armor of unity that we've come to expect from Aces & Eights.

    Otherwise, if he just stays into the status quo as the filler guy, it would have been an immense waste of time for a pretty talented performer that I enjoy watching when he is utilized properly.
  2. IMO he's where he should be, never cared for Mr.Kennedy/Anderson, overrated guy who is decent on the mic.
  3. Yeah I really hope something like that happens, cause it's a total waste of a great talent to be honest. The re-face turn is definitely realistic here because he's barely turned heel. Aside from a few dirty wins (as a result of A+8s, not him I may add), he's not actually done or said anything particularly bad, and the only reason he ever joined was because he was enticed by the beer bottle tossing off hookers. It's a shame there isn't any B-level PPVs anymore because Bully/Anderson would be a good enough fued to warrant being ME for one of those.

    But yeah, I think TNA are setting up for an Anderson break off. Would be a missed opportunity if they didn't.
  4. I've always really enjoyed him tbh. I've hardly seen any of him since becoming a smark, but I loved him in my younger days. Really unique character and has that main eventer look about him, as well as some awesome promos. I can't really describe why I relate the two, but some of his promos used to remind me of Rock a little. The fast talking as well as the ability to get the crowd to interact was just brilliant.
  5. I like Anderson but can definitely understand why he is one of those "Love him or hate him" type of performers.
  6. He garnered my interest early on, but his promos got repetitive really quickly. Now before you mention Rocky's repetitiveness, at the beginning of his ascent he was bringing in fresh new ideas constantly, then he became complacent to a degree. Kennedy/Anderson was the same story over and over again, and the only thing he changed when he jumped to TNA was his ring name.
  7. I have to admit I've seen very little of him in TNA so I can't really comment on that. I agree he is repetitive to an extent, however a lot of the top mic workers are, Rock as you said, Punk, Jericho, Cena all spring to mind. Possibly the fact I haven't watched regularly for the past few years means I have my tinted specs on, but he's a really talented guy IMO.
  8. He's definitely talented. I can buy the repetitiveness argument, but similar to R'Albin, I haven't been overexposed to him, either. I've seen him exclusively in TNA since I began watching this product, as I was not watching WWE at the time he was there.
  9. I believe he's the first one to turn face from the club, so I see him getting yet another mini push down the line.:damnn:

    I'm fine though, at where he's at now. Good role, I don't wanna hear him on mic too often. Just have him be there and wrestle like a badass.
  10. I'm willing to give him another shot if when he turns, he updates his character a bit. I don't want a rehash of his "asshole" character but as a face this time.
  11. No way. He'll still be a boring asshole. It was fun once, not anymore.:rock:
  12. Mr. Anderson is great on the mic, and could have worked nicely as a spoke person for Aces $ 8s. But, apparently, we are the only ones who see it this way. TNA seems to not care about his abilities, whatsoever.
  13. Could see him turning on Bully as you said, yes.
  14. An idea I got today:

    *Anderson in part of the BFG Series while Bully Ray is the WHC
    *Anderson does well in the series and before the last match, he's ranked #5 (4 go in finals)
    *Bully is pissed at him and orders him to lose his last Series match

    And you should know what follows up.:rock:
  15. That opening segment thursday on IMPACT showed us exactly why Andersuck should be nothing more than a filler and should be kept away from mic.
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  16. If Anderson is supposed to be a mole in the Aces like people suggested then he is the worst mole ever.
  17. He isn't. That mole ship has sailed 2 months ago when Angle kicked his ass in the cage.
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