Mr Anderson mentions his WWE career in TNA

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by Harley Quinn, May 13, 2013.

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  1. :hmm: Was going through some videos and saw this one, kind of interesting words from Anderson here.
  2. I remember reading something about him having to redo this promo because he wasn't anti-WWE enough but I have no legit source on this.

    Never the less, okay promo but pretty trivial negatives.
  3. Lol at the small pop after he mentions Ramen noddles.
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  4. Ken when he was bearable.
  5. Mr. Face/Heel Turn.
  6. I don't really get surprised when TNA wrestlers rip on WWE anymore since it's basically a weekly thing for them.
  7. This is a ridiculous statement. How is it a weekly thing? Recently TNA have even began acknowledging WWE and it's championships and Tenay (whether he is right to or not) often mentions past WWE accolades in an attempt to put a guy over. You sound like a typical "I hate TNA" fan caught in mid 2011.

    Typical Anderson tripe here in my opinion. He tries so overly hard to capture the Stone Cold enigma. Austin was a face who acted like a heel - mainly due to his personality, he was rebelling against an evil authority figure and had bucket loads of charisma. Anderson comes off as one of them douches who tries to be a cool tweener and thinks unnecessarily swearing in a promo is 'cool' and 'edgy'. I much prefer Anderson as an above average member of a stable (but not the leader) than a serious singles guy.
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  8. Nice try dude!
  9. Nowhere in that comment did I express that I hated TNA. I'm just tired of people who shit their pants when they see TNA mentioning anything from the WWE since they do it quite often. As far as the "I'm a typical TNA hater" comment goes, you are correct. I have given their show so many chances and to me it's a big "fuck you" to me as a viewer that the main event at Slammiversary is Sting vs Bully Ray. How does this even happen when you have a roster with: Austin Aries, Bobby Roode, Christopher Daniels, Samoa Joe, hell even James Storm would be fine. But FFS quit letting Sting wrestle.
  10. I said your statement is ridiculous, which I stand by as it was unfounded and backed up by nothing. I didn't say you said you hated TNA, I said you sound like a typical TNA hater. Which, you've just admitted. Seems so far I'm pretty right here.

    Don't get me wrong I am not a supporter of Sting in a primary wrestling role but once in a while ain't too bad and in a kayfabe perspective I can see why Hogan would want Sting to try and take down Bully. Sting is so heavily protected that casual fans will genuinely believe he can beat the big, bad Bully Ray. It's only as smart fans we get frustrated with Sting main eventing. Meh, sit back and enjoy the rest of the PPV. Ray makes most things enjoyable anyway.
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  11. That's the problem though, they don't really give anybody a chance to shine to the crowd except Sting and Hardy because that's the easy way out. TNA needs to realize that Sting isn't getting any younger and can't keep wrestling. IMO they should've just kept the belt on Austin Aries for at least 5 months because he is someone that can lead this company. IDK maybe if I stop thinking about how awesome 2012 was then it would be a little bit better.
  12. I think im becoming a really big fan of the new move. You MP members may need to hold each other a little longer, but you have to love people who arent afraid to have differences in opinions. As for me? I dont know why no one mentions their RoH or other Indy runs, it gives the long time fans a better chance to mark, and Anderson proves a good point, the guy would rather be more of himself than a character played weekly, and being told what is best for you isnt always right, even if it's in the bigger company.

    I am a huge, pathetic, Anderson homer (and the other TNA fans know it) as i am a huge fan of how he is on TNA...and this is a great example of him getting 3 mins on the mic and stating how he feels at that exact moment. He is a part of something he can be himself on, something he feels makes it work going to work daily, and somthing he believes he can give the fans 110% at. People all hate on the WWE mentions but expect to see the Angle slam, Stinger splash, and other moves made big in other companies.
  13. You realize you could say the same thing about WWE doing this to young talent while HHH, Brock, Rock, Taker ect get the spotlight, yes?
  14. 1) Taker can still have a good match, plus the spotlight wasn't on him because it wasn't like he was main eventing.
    2)Brock isn't even old yet
    3) I can understand Triple HHH because he has no business wrestling
    4) andddddd fuck the Rock.
  15. So you are confirming that you do in fact realize you could say the same thing about WWE doing this to young talent, yes?
  16. No chewing gum? What the hell was WWE thinking about?! He looked like a kid saying that
  17. Young people are still getting spotlight in the WWE though and not including the Rock those people can put on some pretty entertaining matches most of the time. Sting on the other hand will be gassed out in like 5 minutes at Slammiversary. It's funny because Sting knows that nobody wants to see him wrestle but he does anyway. Like you would think he would tell TNA management "Hey guys, we need to stop pushing me and start putting young talent in the spotlight".
  18. but hey, you hate TNA anyway so you should love that they overpush the old guy, right.
  19. There is more room for WWE to use young talent as they have so many more hours of content to make. TNA is a once a week two hour show, but they are using their young talent horribly imo. Bully and Sting is the main event (whilst I love Bully, Sting can seriously gtfo). Devon is a TV champion who never ever defends it. Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez are the tag-team champions. I mean, come on.

    You could argue that WWE's issues are more frustrating though, with the guys in the spotlight being part time wrestlers (Rock, HHH, Brock).
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  20. I can see that you didn't even read my fucking post
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