Mr Anderson puts over Punk and Truth.

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  1. Obvious stuff that Truth and Punk were bullet pointed.
  2. He's right. Scripting everything helps absolutely no one.
  3. Truth is unreal at the min so clever!

    As foe Cena I'd say he's not scripted as a lot of it seems to come from the heart and his love of his job!
  4. The cheesy jokes have to be scripted though @[Cloud] . Cena seems to be semi scripted imo.
  5. To be honest I don't think even WWE would write those jokes.
  6. yes to a point he probs is the jokes more than likely but he does seem to have freedom on the mic to say how he feels!
  7. I personally think he makes the jokes up himself, not scripted.
  8. Punk doesn't follow scripts sometimes he actually blows out words from his heart because he has that skill that no one has.
  9. Agree 100% there. That is something that TNA do well.
  10. I'd of loved to see a Kennedy/Miz feud, or even Kennedy/Punk. The promos would be awesome.
  11. I think TNA should be a bit stricter on their content tbh. They sometimes let people ramble abit too much imo. They are better then the WWE scripting everything I'll admit that however.
  12. Yeah agree. It gets to the point where it gets a bit bitchy between them and WWE sometimes.
  13. Well TNA stars bitch about WWE, WWE just doesn't acknowledge them. Kind of explains it all to be honest.
  14. Yeah they give it but don't give it back. Good to see that WWE is professional about it though.

  15. WWE does mention TNA occasionally.
    TNA referencing WWE constantly is to be expected because they're the smaller company. It's the same thing as when WWE did the billionaire Ted Skits.
  16. Kind of different when it is on NXT. Not really a highly viewed show.
  17. It's still an acknowledgement though. It's similar to when Cena was hinting at "going somewhere else brother". That causes confusion to this day if he meant TNA or WCW.
  18. Suppose you are correct. It does not happen as much as on TNA though.
  19. I'll admit TNA are terrible for it. Especially Hogan he couldn't cut a promo without mentioning "those up north " at one point.
  20. Yeah, not been into TNA for a while but I always see these TNA comment on WWE videos been placed online.