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Discussion in 'General WWE' started by catlady, Dec 10, 2012.

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  1. I know not many people care for him, but which John Cena do you prefer?

    Word Life
    Rise Above Hate
    Hustle Loyalty Respect

    I know the two are kinda the same but his feuds/stories were different.
  2. Word life for sure. His rap battles with Kurt Angle still warm the cockles of my heart. That was before he turned into this Angle :angle:
  3. I love when he raps. Even when he does it to be funny. Some of his stuff is like, I can't believe he just said that!
  4. Or... You don't care? :idontcare:

  5. [size=x-small]noob[/size]
  6. :willis:

    I'll take that as, you prefer ThugCena
  7. Chain Gang
  8. [size=xx-small]Yeah McNerd.[/size]
  9. Fuck wiggers, and fuck Superman.:idontcare: :pipebomb:
  10. The cena where he is hurt and off my tv
  11. A wigger is a slang term for a white n**ger...
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  12. Smartass :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:unk:



  13. Hahahahaha That picture... I feel sorry for his mother. :dawg:
  14. BACK ON TOPIC :tough:

    I actually like all forms of Cena. He is a funny guy.
    Can't wrestle all that great but knows how to work the mic and carry another wrestler.
  15. I'll give you the mic work, but he couldn't carry a wrestler if his life depended on it.
  16. When him and the Miz were feuding, I believe he was. Miz is a lot better now then back then but honestly, Miz was awful. He messed up wrestling King... TWICE!
  17. Ugh Miz vs Cena, I just got a chill :booker:
  18. [video=youtube][/video]
  19. That was most likely your stomach wanting to regurgitate. :pity:
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