Discussion in 'The Ramp' started by Chris Dans, May 6, 2012.

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  1. Hello My name is Chris Dans I'm a former Wrestling Promoter and now a webmaster but I'm still a fan of the bisuness. :kiss:
  2. Hey my name is CM Drunk and I'm a guy on here. How did you find the site and what's it like to be a wrestler promoter ? I guess its stressful also did you ever get to work with any well known names?

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  3. Very interesting. We now have both a former superstar and former promoter on here. Welcome!

    MAYBE @[Chris Dans] was @[Goldberg]'s promoter! :lol:
  4. Welcome to the site bro. You PM'd me on right? :emoji_slight_smile:
  5. I was The Rock's Promoter and I did that a bit for Undetaker once.


    Crayo yes.
  6. Your 2nd PM had nothing in it apart from my quote. Not sure whether you done that intentionally.
  7. Yo I meant to ask you something but Mybb community forum is kinda messed up
  8. Welcome, jack!
  9. Welcome in here, hope to see you posting!
  10. Welcome, it's very cool that we have an actual promoter with us here.
  11. Since you're promoter, are you gonna promote us too? :emoji_hushed:tunga1:
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  12. Since you're a promoter, are you gonna promote us too? :emoji_hushed:tunga1:

    Corrected you. :otunga:


    Anyways, welcome to the forum.
  13. Damn you grammar bosses. :upset: #TestMeWithPerchents
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