Mr. McMahon to deliver State of WWE Address on Monday’s Raw

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Oct 5, 2012.

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    Time to speculate boys.
  2. Interesting to say the least. There could be some major changes coming from this.
  3. Figured he'd come just like last time when ratings were down. I hope they will change the show back to 2 hours.
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  4. Hopefully a repeat of this
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  5. Unless he demotes AJ as GM I'm not interested.
  6. Lol keep dreaming.
  7. wet dreaming
  8. Back to 2 hours is very likely since the network not being happy with how the 3 hour raws were going was a major factor to Vince being pissed last week.
  9. that 3 hour deal was a big flop then lol
  10. That's pure speculation and you don't know that for sure at all.
  11. Vince was pissed a lot this week as I read from the news. WWE needs a change.
  12. The network are the ones that wanted the 3 hour Raw. Even at the all time low rating of 2.5 it is still the best rated show on USA.

    If a change comes to make the show 2 hours again it won't be because USA wants it that way.

    as for the state of address... who knows. I doubt it's anything major. WWE doesn't give a shit about their product until Rock comes back for Survivor Series and they start to build towards the Rumble and the RTWM
  13. Any Sauce of this? I haven't seen anything.
  14. This.

    The rest of the post not so much but that part is spot on.
  15. You think WWE is going to make a major change or introduce a legit storyline at this point in the game?

    I do not. The product is always stale as fuck around this time of year.
  16. it might be just a rumour but a while ago i seen something on here(i think) saying vince was stepping down and triple h was taking over in october that could be it
  17. That already happened kayfabe wise, and when it happens irl I doubt it's something they bring up on television.
  18. I'm not sure what the wwe wants to do. It seems like it put all of it's eggs in the ROCK basket which is disgusting. I believe the best thing that happened to the wwe was when punk called out the company on it's b.s. favoritism to guys like the rock and cena. They haven't even had punk main eventing over half the time and religated bryan to the tag team titles. Don't get me wrong it's an hilarious story line but cmon... Wasted talent. Also guys like ziggler/cesaro/adr/ drew mcintyire taking a back seat to ryback makes me sick.


    Oh and can Orton turn heel????
  19. The only reason McMahon is going to be on Raw is because the raitings were so low last week. He does this every time the ratings take a dip. This means whatever he's announcing can't be that important mind, but in my I'd like to pretend he's coming to announce the end of PG television. He'll probably announce something about the GM's or CM Punk and the hell in a cell.
  20. Exactly this. Vince knows that people think him showing up = something big. Reality is, it doesn't. It is nothing more than a ratings ploy to try and salvage viewership during a down period in WWE's product.
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