Mr. MITB not happy with Lesnar's absence

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Trip in the Head, Nov 25, 2014.

  1. I thought this was a nice point Rollins made in an interview seeing as he is the MITB holder. Hard to cash in if the champ is never around to cash in on.

    I agree with him. Do you guys?
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  2. Sounds 100% kayfabe. Regardless, I agree with him, but it's WWE's decision and fault not to utilize Brock more, not Lesnar's. Luckily, we have only one more PPV to go before seeing Brock again, and Lesnar is already scheduled to appear on two separate Raw episodes next month.

    Then again, maybe there's still a kernel of hope that Brock will return and fight Cena at TLC instead of the Rumble. Brock/Cena for the title and Rollins/Ziggler for the briefcase sounds like an awesome double main event. But that's just me still clinging to false hope.
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  3. Yeah, I thought it might be kayfabe but it's not like they say when it is. I didn't think Shaemus was actually injured - turns out he was. But yeah, if Lesnar is scheduled to be around that much very soon maybe this is a play to start a Rollins/Lesnar angle? Maybe not. He did curb stomp him that one time.
  4. I think it's just Rollins playing up the fact that he's Mr. MITB. It could also be planting the seeds for another cash-in attempt on Brock again at the Rumble, only this time it'll bite him in the ass in a big way (eating an F-5.) I still think there's an F-5 for him somewhere in the future for attempting to cash in on Lesnar at Night Of Champions.

    A Rollins/Lesnar feud would only work if Rollins were the babyface since there's no way Rollins can go against someone like Brock Lesnar and be anything except the underdog, and in 99.9% of cases the underdog should be the fan favorite. But I much prefer Rollins as a heel at the moment, especially since I don't think him going from heel to face after all the great heel work he's done these past five months would go over so well.
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  5. Hey, at least we don't have to sit through 500 "oh my god is he going to cash in" moments this year.
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  6. Well, it's kayfabe, but yeah. No one likes this, really.
  7. Obviously kayfabe, but I agree with Rollins.

    I think everyone would prefer if they did Cena vs Lesnar at TLC than at the Rumble. They should give us something new at RR, but that just may be too much to ask of them.
  8. If anyone was happy, they would be lying.

    We deserve Lesnar-Orton and Lesnar-Sheamus...
  9. I'd be cool with Lesnar/Orton.. Lesnar/Sheamus not so much.. I could totally see the Viper winning the match and then Seth Rollins immediately cashing in and eating an RKO and Orton still remains champ.. Then we get Cena/Orton for 4 months straight!
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  10. I still wanna see Rusev/Lesnar - just to the see the beasts go head to head.
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  11. :woohoo:
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  12. Kayfabe or not, he's got a point.
    And I'll complain (again) about the bs '30 day defense' rule and the use of it only when it suits the higher ups.
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  13. Just thinking about who would put up a good credible fight in a loss to Lesnar... right now, Sheamus could probably do it. Ryback, Swagger are two guys also but I doubt many people want to see them take up a rare Lesnar match. But yeah, Orton-Lesnar where Rollins tries to cash in, fails (but retains the briefcase), Cena trying to help, but getting finishers from EVERYONE (even Michael Cole plz) would be great.
  14. It's reasonable to complain about this. I don't know what they were thinking when they decided to put the WWE-WHC on Lesnar, were they trying to bring some credibility on those titles? Now it's losing even more credibility that Lesnar's not even working the PPVs.

    Good thinking, WWE.

    Lesnar holding the title and plus working every PPV would be alright in my book. But this way, nah-ah. The major championship's been gone for over 2 months now and it's likely to get to 3+ months if they feel like Lesnar shouldn't work TLC.
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  15. Sheamus could do it, but he can't, he's injured and is out of the game indefinitely.

    WWE couldn't be arsed in building Swagger, which is a shame. As far as Ryback goes, they don't need to rush him back into ME once again, I'm expecting a slow build-up for him this time around.

    But, Orton vs Lesnar? Yes, please!

    I'd rather have Cena vs Lesnar at TLC to finally settle the score and never see it again, and then have Orton vs Lesnar at the Royal Rumble (things that you wrote in your last sentence included).
  16. I can't believe people still complain about the 30-day title defense rule lol. I know it was just earlier this year that they used it as a convenient reason to strip Daniel Bryan of his championship, but still.

    Technically speaking, the 30 day rule is already violated at least two or three times a year. For example, it usually takes five weeks (sometimes six) to build up to the Rumble and usually six weeks to build towards Wrestlemania. That's more than 30 days. Other PPVs throughout the year will sometimes randomly have a five-week build as well. There was five weeks in-between Night Of Champions and Hell In A Cell for example, meaning that even if Lesnar HAD defended the strap at HIAC, he would have still violated the rule by going more than 30 days in between title defenses.
  17. In addition to that, he'd be at least defending it at every PPV.
  18. It could be amended to ppv's a CM Bryan said. But maybe they should stop using it altogether, especially since the current champ barely shows. Using it for injured champions I get, but I'd rather they just showed some consistency for a change.
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  19. Yes... I agree.

    With Lesnar gone, they don't even/barely throw the name of the WWE World Heavyweight Championship out there.
    When Lesnar shows up, people are gonna be like 'What the hell is Lesnar holding, what is that thing?' lol
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  20. It wasn't defended at house shows?
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