Money in the Bank Mr. Money in the Bank....Finally time to turn heel?

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Asskicker, Jul 16, 2012.

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  1. I know this wouldn't make that much since but now that Cena has the briefcase, could he turn heel by cashing it in? Just like how CM Punk turned heel when he cashed it in at extreme rules? I'm predicting this because there's going to be an assumed CM Punk/Cena Feud and the Rock is going to be here this monday, so something's gotta happen.
  2. Kids dont like heels so no he wont turn heel. they need another face on the same level as cena before he can turn heel. theyre attempting to do this with sheamus atm
  3. He won't turn. He may lose the cash in but he won't turn heel (at least not via MITB).
  4. I think he'll cash it in like RVD did.
  5. Unless Rock becomes champion, he can't turn heel by cashing it.
  6. If anything, the face champion who Cena cashes in on will turn. :dawg:
  7. Yeah so I think they'll set up Punk and Cena from tonight. But the Rock is suppose to perform at Summerslam.....

  8. That would be such an underwhelming way for Cena to turn heel.
  9. Well, looks like he won't be turning heel anytime soon... *sigh*

  10. WM 29, calling it.
  11. Could work out with him holding the case also, say he holds it until Mania. Let people forget about it, Rock wins the WWE title, bam Cena runs out and cashes in on the biggest stage of them all. I know it won't happen but still.
  12. Remember our #fantasybooking hash tag from December? Not sure if we made it a hash tag though.
  13. I continue to be bewildered as to why people think a Cena heel turn would just be the greatest thing ever. He's already a heel for a big chunk of the audience, but he's also a face for the rest of the audience. Keeping him the way he is allows you to play with both sides of the audience.
  14. Yeah, but we want it because they wouldn't book him as the corny kid pleasing superman that he is being booked as, which is pretty much the reason most people hate him.
  15. he's not a heel for half the crowd, he gets boo'd. Heel would mean he was the bad guy in some way shape or form, which he and sheamus have nothing to do with as of all this year at least.
  16. WWE won't even do this until they have another guy at John Cena's level with merchandise and a solid fanbase. They could of done this with Zack Ryder but WWE are dumb fucks.....He was the most over guy in Madison Square Garden, They were chanting "We want Ryder" all of Dolph Ziggler's and John Morrisson's match. Madison Square Garden for fuck sake. So if WWE did things right Zack Ryder could be a future John Cena. But then again when do WWE do anything right?
  17. That is so false, I hate that argument. He's not a heel to none of the audience, just because he gets boo'd by some smarks it doesn't mean he's a heel. I'd rather boo him because he beat the shit out of a face and cut a really crowd-offensive promo instead of booing because he's fucking boring to listen to and the most irritating superstar to watch.

    Cena is an amazing talent, he can play a heel beautifully. Watching him in his current state just reminds me what a waste state that he's in. Heel Cena opens up so many potential storylines and awesome moments.
  18. Exactely. The fans who are bored with Cena shouldn't chant Boo at him and hope he changes. They should be chanting Boring. That way WWE actually gets a message out of the reaction.
  19. Exactly*
  20. He gets booed by a lot more than just a few smarks. The loud boos are pretty noticeable. If it was just a few smarks, the boos wouldn't be as loud and would be so small that neither WWE nor Cena would even bother addressing them. Cena first mentioned the boos he was getting as far back as 2006, if I recall. (If I recall, he got booed against Edge back in 2006 when he was in his own hometown.)

    Heel Cena opens up possibilities for feuds we've already seen. Punk, Sheamus, Orton, etc. And if they change his character and make him sort of badass, odds are he'll probably get cheered again. You (and others) have said yourselves that the reason many boo him is because his character has become too corny and boring, so if they change that, those boos will likely lessen and maybe disappear completely.
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