Money in the Bank Mr. Money in the bank

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  1. well i am more happy for dOlph ziggler then jOhn Cena. . .
    What u think guyz. !!
  2. John Cena can go fuck himself :finger:

    Dolph Ziggler can go win himself :yes:
  3. I'm glad that Ziggler ended up winning. I had predicted that he would win, and I'm glad the crowd ate it up.

    WWE has to cater to different audiences so I guess having John Cena win is alright since I got to see Ziggler win + CM Punk & Daniel Bryan tear the house down.
  4. the crowd loved ziggler :yay:
  5. I'm happy Ziggler won, He deserves it! He's been in WWE for a while and hopefully this Money In The Bank win will put him into the main event scene and he'll stay there and not have a Miz flop.

    John Cena is a fucking piece of shit. I think WWE forgot the Money In The Bank is to help bring up and coming stars into the Main Event not bring the most established guy in the company to the title. They could just do that through a match for fuck sake.
  6. This!
  7. DZ awesome

    Cena seems a waste but ho hum it's good for the kids so good for WWE I suppose just crap for us!
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