Mr. Perfect trying best to carry Warrior

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  1. Hennig was a genius... if you watch closely, you can see Warrior basically cock-blocking Hennig's offense throughout...Warrior was awful and his strength was sub-par

    So I'm suggesting a match or two... come at me

  2. Probably the best Warrior ever looked.
  3. Warrior was always one of my least favorite guys to watch once the bell rang. His promos and pre match antics were all fine, but man, he had nothing as a ring performer. Just a big, no stamina having, moveless dick-wad.
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  4. ^^^LOL. He shot his load on his entrance. Once the bell rang is what all she wrote.
  5. Warrior was my favorite for awhile. Actually named my gamertag on xbox after him.

  6. [​IMG]
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  7. Rick Rude and Randy Savage might have been the only two to carry him as well as Perfect did. The match he had with Savage at Wrestlemania 7 was the greatest match he ever had.

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