WrestleMania Mr. Wrestlemania's best Mania match?

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Dolph'sZiggler, Mar 22, 2013.

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  1. WM 10 vs Razor

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  2. WM 12 vs Hart

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  3. WM 19 vs Jericho

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  4. WM 20 vs HHH & Benoit

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  5. WM 21 vs Angle

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  6. WM 23 vs Cena

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  7. WM 24 vs Flair

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  8. WM 25 vs Taker

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  9. WM 26 vs Taker

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  1. Shawn Michaels has had some of the greatest Mania matches in history, but which would you say is the best? His matches span the entire card, from the tag team division to the mid card to the WWF Title matches w/ Hart all the way to the great matches with Taker at the end of his career.

    Wrestlemania 10 vs Razor Ramon (Ladder Match for IC Title)
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    Wrestlemania 12 vs Bret Hart (Iron Man Match for WWF Title)
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    Wrestlemania 19 vs Chris Jericho
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    Part 2

    Wrestlemania 20 vs HBK vs Chris Benoit for WHC
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    Part 2

    Wrestlemania 21 vs Kurt Angle
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    Wrestlemania 23 vs John Cena for WWE Championship
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    Wrestlemania 24 vs Ric Flair Retirement Match
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    Wrestlemania 25 vs Undertaker
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    Wrestlemania 26 vs Undertaker
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    So many choices, honestly these are probably 9 of the 20 greatest Mania matches in history.
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  2. His match vs Bret keeps me interested for over an hour, very few things can do that. I honestly can't rate it much better than that.
  3. Idk I've always had a soft spot for that ladder match at MSG.
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  4. I don't get it; HBK is Mr Wrestlemania, but Taker is 20-0. :pity:
  5. Who has had more great Mania matches, Taker or HBK? Taker's 2 undisputed best Mania matches were with HBK as well.
  6. The ladder match gets me. HBK and Ramon put on a hell of a match.
  7. With Razor Ramon.
    Mentioned it in my intro thread.
    :notsure: if it was Wrestlemania or Summerslam.
  8. Might actually give these all a watch. I've seen six of them and my personal favourite is Angle/Michaels. Not really got an in-depth opinion on it as it's been a few years since I've seen it, but loved it as a younger child and a couple of years ago as well.

    Bret/HBK is gonna be my match to watch tomorrow.
  9. It can be a little tedious in the early goings IMO but it really picks up, and if you don't know the outcome the last 10 or so minutes are spectacular.
  10. Holy shit I actually don't know it? It increases my enjoyment a hell of a lot for any match.
  11. His match against The Undertaker at WrestleMania 25 was his best match. In my opinon, of course...
  12. I believe without a doubt, from a pure wrestling standpoint, their first match at Mania 25 was the best on that list.

    It told a believeable story, it had such great wrestling and had the best build we've had in some years. Especially HBK coming down on the platform dressed in the white coat/hat. that was gold.
  13. I will ave to go with his WM25 match against Taker, that match was just insane.
  14. Gonna write up a review of every match in this thread by Monday, watched and reviewed three so far :yes:
  15. damn bro how HQ of you
  16. I'm going with the triple threat at WM20.

    The Taker/HBK encounter at WM25 was the better match the first time I watched it but I find myself enjoying the triple threat more when it comes to repeated viewings.

    Bret/HBK (Restholdmania) is one of the most overrated matches to me.
  17. Honestly, it's like the most HQ thing I've ever done, and everybody will TL;DR it anyway :okay:
  18. ^I'll also read it.

    Anyway, the answer to the question for me is surprisingly easy considering how great those matches are but it's definitely his match against Angle. As a matter of fact, it is my third favorite match, period. I only like two matches better than that one. From there, ordering them gets a little tricky but I'll try and quickly give my thoughts on every match.

    The ladder match against Razor Ramon was really good. I don't really have much else to say, it doesn't rank too highly for me but I enjoyed it. Hart at XII seems like a love it or hate it match. I've seen several people either calling it the most overrated match or calling it one of the most brilliant matches for being able to captivate them for a full hour with a well-told story. Their doesn't appear to be any middle ground, it's one way or the other. Which way do I fall under? The middle ground. Yeah, oddly enough the match went by relatively quickly for me, the end was good, and I like the story, so I enjoyed it but I also didn't because about forty-five minutes were essentially the same thing, with only little bouts of intrigue. I didn't hate it and even enjoyed it for several parts but I certainly don't ever want to watch it again. I'd also say that the Lesnar/Angle Iron man match, which I thought was much better and even told a much better story. It's up there with my favorite matches of all time.

    That diversion aside, I think his bout with Jericho is extremely overrated. It's good, it's not bad, but I don't think it was show-stealing, and I don't even think it's one of his top five bouts. The triple threat at Mania is one of my favorite matches and is my second favorite triple threat, only losing out to the Backlash rematch. Yeah, the triple threat lead to my favorite moment in wrestling and drew much more on emotion than the Backlash match, but I just in-ring content wise I think their Backlash match is better. The Cena match was pretty good, didn't like it nearly as much their Raw match a week or two after and it's probably my least favorite match of what I've seen from that event.

    His match against Flair, I thought it was terrible. Look, I understand the point of the match was to draw on emotion, and it did that and the sweet chin music moment was fantastic but watching the match, I was bored out of my mind. Maybe it's because I've never been a big Flair fan or maybe it's because I watched it post-Mania (was suppose to watch it live, cable box crashed day of) but it didn't suck me in. That one moment at the end was great but one moment doesn't make a match great. The XXV bout I think is incredibly overrated and I'd only rank it about average to slightly above average. Initially, I thought the match was amazing but when I went to rewatch it a day or two later, I found that it wasn't. You see, XXV was my first live WrestleMania PPV (because of the aforementioned incident) and I had high expectations and man did that PPV sucked. One good thing surrounded by a pile of trash shines as if it was gold. When I watched it by itself, it didn't hold up for me.

    The rematch in my opinion is much better but I understand people's problems with it.
  19. I loved his match with Undertaker on the 26. Sorry not sorry but I have a soft spot on that one. ; - ;
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