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Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Cloud, Feb 23, 2014.

  1. Miz being smart to lock that down.
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  2. It's actually Mrs. Mizanin :> but good for them that they're married and happy. I'm curious to see if Maryse might return and have a storyline involving their marriage, would be interesting.
  3. They got all messed up lol
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  4. Ziggler would be screaming his face off.
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  5. Seen a few photos looks like they had a blast. Plus not to shabby getting hitched in the Bahamas.
  6. Ziggler... stealing the show even at Miz's wedding
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  7. Job squad 2.0
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  8. Dude. That would be a sick stable right there

    When the fuck is Morrison coming back anyway? I need to see how those comedy classes paid off
  9. It'd work if they were all smarmy heels.
  10. hell yea. like a modern day 4 horseman. Ziggler just needs to become a new Nature Boy. Womanizing robe wearin' figure 4 usin' blonde locks havin' limosine ridin' jet flyin' kiss stealin' whealin and dealin SON OF A GUN!
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  11. Miz is a lucky bastard seriously how the hell has he bagged Maryse? this guy must have skills. I heard a rumour that Miz was only dating Maryse to cover up him being gay in real life. Anyways its cool they got married
  12. He is lucky. But its not like he's a bad looking dude plus if he is as charismatic as he comes across on tv then its hardly a surprise.
  13. Maryse obviously has shit taste
  14. Yeah ive watched interviews out of character and he does seem a nice guy I just cant believe he married a hot girl like Maryse. You know when they had those on screen moments on Raw a few years back you could so see the chemistry they had together no wonder they dated for so long
  15. horribly photoshop done, miz looks like he has a d cup in the first picture.
  16. Loved the couple ever since they started dating (oh shoot why do I sound like a stalker?), and I am really happy for them!
  17. I usually don't dig the blonde haired females, but Maryese is damn fine. Shame she's shacked up with Miz, though.

    lol @ Miz hanging out with a bunch of jobbers in real life. Suits him perfectly.
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  18. Just for the sake of the argument: How is it odd? It's the guys he came up through the system with, logic dictates he's more likely to have friends among the guys he came up with as opposed to say JBL and such.
  19. I didn't say it was odd, just funny to see the guys he's hanging out with all happen to be jobbers (at least the two which are still employed.)
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