MsChif in WWE (not!)

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  1. hey all,

    another idea for who could/should come to the WWE, but stated in an interview she she has
    absolutely NO interest whatsoever. I'm talking about "Your Soul's Tormentor" MsChif. she of
    the green-dyed hair, Goth attire and makeup and the banshee scream. she also has one of
    the coolest entrance themes, i.e. Satyricon's "Repined Bastard Nation". she is fast, she is
    skilled with an arsenal of signature moves, her scream scares the hell out of her opponents,
    and she is one mean stone cold BITCH!! she defeated Awesome Kong with the Desacrator
    to keep the SHIMMER Championship and has won other titles as well. I'd sign her in a
    heartbeat, but she says she is not interested because of what the WWE might do to her
    character. (I see Creative Consulting suggesting schoolgirl maybe because they are
    usually mischievious) though they may ask her to do a totally different character.
    thoughts and questions are welcome and enjoy a few examples of the bitch in action.
  2. All I know about her is that she's married to Michael Elgin.
  3. As the OP said. She has stated multiple times that she has negative amounts of interest in going to WWE. and this was before scoring a well paying day job and having a child.

    Not to mention her knees are literally paper at this point. She would not last with WWE's schedule.
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