MSN is gay

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Arrow, Jan 26, 2012.

  1. Look in the attachment..

    I have tried adding @[Crayo] like 20 times already.
  2. There's no attachment. MSN is known to do this, you didn't get my invite I don't get yours. Might try re-logging in or something.

    Or I could just use AIM.
  3. Ok, so the attachement isn't working... WTF! I'll upload it, hang on.

    This is weird since I can't upload it.... Anyway, this is what is says...
    "Add buddy [email protected] (Windows Live Messenger)"

    "Contact already in the list"
  4. Crayo wtf is up with you, MSN, and that damn error? We had this issue a year ago, like 7 months ago when I rejoined MF, and I just added you again, if it fucking happens I'm going to rip out the jaw of a shark and use that to bite your arms off.
  5. I did add that email... SWEAR TO GOD CRAYO...
    His jaw, your arms.
  6. I got some big ass arms.

    The invite only just came through, how weird is that?!?!
  7. :rofl::rofl: I'm liking this Bieber baboon.
  8. Haha i used msn when i was like 10 lol with my mates

    sometimes its not very relyable
  9. I never really liked MSN since it's made by Microsoft. I don't use Microsoft things.
  10. What OS you with?
  11. Linux currently, running Ubuntu on it.
  12. I would if it didn't have so many compatibility issues.
  13. The only problem I've had with Ubuntu 11.10 is just sound issues. They have fixes for that that you can download though.
  14. I'm talking like Steam, etc.
  15. Oh yeah, this is true. I was going to say, if you wanted to download Windows programs, you could use a windows program loader, such as WINE and what not.
  16. Yeah I wouldn't be fussed about other programs, just Steam. I'm a keen CSS player :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:
  17. Just get wine then steam should work fine.
  18. I've heard you still get bugs, slow loading time, and other random issues.
  19. Here, @[Crayo], you can install and play games on STEAM on Ubuntu 11.10.

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