MSNBC cuts Congresswoman during NSA LIVE to report... Justin Bieber

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  1. A US government privacy board dubs the NSA’s phone calls hoarding illegal and calls to shut… wait, it’s Justin Bieber. And so the Congresswoman being interviewed was dumped mid-sentence to report the “breaking news” of Bieber’s DUI arrest.

    Haha, 'murrica. Gotta love dat Television and "news" networks

  2. Annoying young singer > stuff about people who might actually matter. Only in Murica!
  3. It's sad but people honestly do care more about the personal lives of celebrities than real-world news. And it isn't just an American thing as I'd bet anything that if someone here made a topic about this same NSA issue that the woman in the video is talking about, it wouldn't get nearly as many views or replies as the Justin Bieber arrest thread has already gotten.
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  4. Biebs >>
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  5. Saw that on one of my doc threads. Ask important question, she doesnt give the reply you want? Cut her off and tell her you have to get to some breaking news. Bieber is appearing in court today. Leave that shit to TMZ? Nahh.
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