MTV has axed Jersery Shore

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by BrockLesnarFanForLife, Sep 2, 2012.

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  1. Not sure if anyones posted this but MTV have annouced they are axing Jersey Shore. I havent seen any of this show since I live in the UK but Mike ''the situation'' is currently in the UK Celebrity Big Brother house so it makes me wonder what he will do now Jersey Shore is no more. He seems to have become a huge success from doing Jersey Shore so will he go on to do other reality tv shows or will he do something else???. I guess alot of his fans will be gutted at hearing this news. It was reported the cast knew Jersey Shore might be axed so now its been confirmed I wonder if there even bothered. And also in the same report it said the cast members wanted more money from doing the show but MTV obviously didnt want to do this so I think this is why they have axed the show. Anyone know when the last series of Jersey Shore 6 starts???
  2. Does anyone know why though? It can't be poor ratings can it?
  3. Snookie and JWOW (i think) have their own show...
  4. I never watched a single episode. I'm not scarred.
  5. Jersey Shore seemed very popular with the US viewers and some of the series have been shown on cable channels here in the UK not sure how the ratings went for the UK viewers but for the US viewers it must of been very high so I cant understand why they axed this show. Maybe the show has run its course as there has now been 6 series'. Snooki has a kid now so I dont think she could just leave her child for weeks while filming the show and also acting stupid isnt a good example to set for her child. Most of the cast are older now so they probably will move on to do other things now. Mike ''the situation'' apprentely wants to find the right girl and settle down from what hes told a celebrity housemate in the big brother house so maybe he wont care that Jersey Shore has been axed hes made a alot of money from the show so hes sorted. It is a big loss for MTV though as what are they gonna replace Jersey Shore with???
  6. This could be a long shot, but how
  7. All having their own things.

    DJ Pauly D is touring world wide and has his own show about it (The Pauly D Project).
    Vinny wrote a book and is just enjoying life.
    Ronnie has his own t-shirt brand and store, and his own drink (Ron Ron Juice), and does appearances.
    Sam has her own perfume line and does appearances.
    Snooki just gave birth and had a show with Jwoww.
    Jwoww had a show with Snooki but I heard some rumours about problems with each other.
    Mike just came out of rehab before season 6, he had an alcohol problem.
    Deena is doing appearances.

    Jersey Shore season 6 will air October, 4 2012.
  8. (insert family guy clip here)
  9. I can't believe you guys are even talking about these guys.. :lol1:
  10. I can't believe you arent talking about these guys :haha:
  11. They are awful, orange and irritating. (From what I understand) never watched their show.
  12. So basically youre a sterotypical douchebag :pity:
  13. I believe it's You're, My Interlectual master. & Is calling me a douche bag flaming? just kidding. :dawg:
  14. Even the intellectual savior of the masses doesnt use proper punctuation and spelling on the internet

    I believe its intellectual.
  15. I see you have corrected me. Kudos. :otunga:
  16. Here's a clip of Ronnie in a TNA match..

    3:35 mark. :obama:
  17. it's*

    Try harder Mr Sandow.
  18. Tbf Pauly D's songs make a great alarm tone, I usually jump out of bed just to turn it off.
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