Much more interesting ratings breakdown.

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, May 9, 2012.

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  1. So. Big Show doesn't draw, shocker. Dolph vs Kingston random match #35352 doesn't draw? Shocker. Divas match not drawnig = double shocker.

    Miz drawing in normally a losing segment? Not a shock, the guy draws, put him in the ME already. Heyman drawing - predictable for that timeslot. The main event losing viewers is atrocious.
  2. Punk losing viewers- how predictable.
  3. Divas, Dolph/Kofi, no surprise.
    Didn't expect Heyman to get that many considering he was in no way advertised and it came in a wacky place.
  4. Miz draws... fact. Now, the main event losing views wasn't such a big shocker to me, I didn't really want to see that match either. It was rushed, too. Punk vs Bryan and Tensai? You know it wasn't going to be good. Heyman drawing is good too.
  5. Dolph and Kofi are great wrestlers however I don't think it was a random match. I believe they're going to do Kofi Kingston and R Truth vs Dolph Ziggler and Jack Swagger at Over The Limit. The Randy Orton and Sheamus vs Chris Jericho and Alberto Del Rio was in my eyes entertaining so it's no surprise to me.
  6. Yeah it's a tag-team match at OTL (already announced) but the match itself was completely random. Dolph needs more mainstream exposure, I believe the guy can draw.
  7. More like shitty ass show booking!

    And I quote :cole:



    All these young studs need to just get better on the mic and in high profile feuds even in the mid-card they should also make those feuds seem huge and actually good too. Miz being a top heel everyone loves to hate definitely draws. I think that's the problem in WWE today.
  8. Ziggler can work a mic pretty well. There is no Dolph Ziggler weakness at the moment. This time last year I could have listed hundreds. The guy improves so much but he's stuck in the god forsaken mid card.
  9. The story quoted by the OP ignores the fact that the announced main event was Punk vs. Tensai.....and that's a match most people really didn't want to see.

    Tensai's a monster heel and Punk's one of the top faces in a throwaway Raw (not the first one before or after a PPV and not part of the build to one of the big 4), which means that the babyface somehow will lose the match, either through being squashed or by the bad guy cheating. People who know how the show's gonna end don't tune in for the ending of the show. So, the WWE actually smartened up by adding Daniel Bryan (one of, if not the, most over heel in the WWE's current run). They just didn't announce it until right before the match happened, which was after most people already tuned out.

    Even if Bryan's presence had been enough to keep some viewers, by the way, you probably still lose a bunch because 2-on-1 matches are....well.....boring and predictable.

  10. Wonder how much of it were John Cena fanboys turning off the TV when they announced he wasnt there.
  11. I'm not sure casuals think that advanced but Tensai wasn't advertised as the ME was he? It was a shock "Punk talked trash so we give you Tensai" deal.
  12. Just quit the whole CM Punk as a champ thing asap.
    Just have some good feuds with the belt switching some more. I'd really like to see a feud with Y2J, Ziggler, and Bryan. Not sure how to work that out, but something like that would turn things up a bit imo.
  13. The last thing we want is constant belt switches. Punk is a good champion just revert his character back to MITB character and give him some nice high profile feuds.
  14. Didn't say it has to switch alot, just more often. These long ass reigns are so boring..
  15. Punk's character has been terribly watered down since he won the title, it's not a surprise he doesn't draw.
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