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  2. 1. Reigns
    2. HBK
    3. Nash
    4. Barrett
    5. Hall in the middle
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  3. Hall/10
  4. I wanna know the reasons behind each of these mugshots.
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  5. they were arrested
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  6. Why were they arrested?
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  7. allegedly committing crimes
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  8. Why did they commit these crimes?
  9. Hardy and Hall ones are just classics.
  10. I would guess all of them are either DUI, drugs or some type of assault or domestic shit
  11. Barrett assaulted a cop- plain clothes/off duty. I think.
    The last Matt Hardy one was for fighting with his dumb wife.
    The rest I don't remember, don't have enough effort to google.
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  12. explains here
    click the one you want and you get an explination
  13. Hall is the star of the mugshot world.
  14. [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Angle 1st & 2nd DUI/DWI
  15. Barrett's is like an Adrian Peterson type story if I remember correctly some chick ran into him at a bar and he started yelling at her and then he was leaving or something and an unclothed officer attempted to stop him from leaving and Barrett got in his face or something and started yelling at him to leave him alone until he was then Tased and arrested for Battery on an officer. Barrett says he had witnesses to back up the claim that the cop never addressed himself as an officer of the law so he didn't think anything of it when he yelled at him to go away and then proceeded to walk away. The Chick at the bar said the whole initial incident that started it was completely her fault when cops arrived on scene to take accounts, the charges were later dropped due to the cop not being in a uniform and not identifying himself.
  16. *See's Regions*

  17. [​IMG]
    MVP was a tough ass little hoodrat.
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