Boxing Muhammad Ali Dodges 21 Punches In 10 Seconds

Discussion in 'Sports' started by The GOAT, May 13, 2015.

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  1. [​IMG]
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  2. GOAT.. Fuck Mayweather!
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  3. ^ That was random as fuck? What's your hate with Mayweather?

    As for OP, it's not really that impressive. Dokes could have gotten a few body shots, but he kept on going for his face.
    Mike Tyson at the age of 14 is impressive.
  4. I don't hate Mayweather, I dislike him greatly.

    He is nowhere near the greatest of all time, yet goes around bragging that he is, even as far as saying he is better than Ali.

    In my opinion, in-ring performance outweighs win-loss record and money made... Mayweather, in his 48 victories, has not had a single real highlight moment, nothing to make him standout above the greatest punchers and defensive fighters in boxing's history.

    He is a tactician, not a fighter.. you have to be both to be in the argument for the GOAT.

    That's my opinion on Ali and Mayweather.

  5. Ali had the most spectacular career. Objectively Floyd is the "greater" fighter, especially defensively, not even a real debate there.

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    I've never seen a boxer take fewer punches than Floyd does, and statistics may even back that up. He doesn't get hit cleanly
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  6. That's good for him... but I still put him around 5th on boxing's greatest of all time list.. with at least Ali, Tyson, Marciano, and Foreman being ahead of him and Sugar Ray Robinson being one spot behind him.
  7. Sugar Ray Robinson is the GOAT. Ali and Floyd would definitely be in my personal top 5, the other 2 would be tough.
  8. Floyd is the better defensive fighter only (and I'm not even sure about that, as Ali could have relied on a purely defensive tactic to win all of his fights too, if he had wanted), and that's because he relies entirely on that one style to win all his fights for him. Ali was much more well-rounded.

    Being the GOAT isn't purely about a win-loss record (especially when you still have no few losses like Ali did) or how many punches you get hit with. Ali could take a punch like none other and he almost always ended up dishing out more hits than his opponents did, and how hard and how much you can get hit and yet still be left standing are both factors in how great you are as well. Not to mention Ali generally fought (much) tougher opponents than Floyd has.
  9. Lockard your post reads like you think Ali was undefeated or never knocked out. Neither is true, both are true of Floyd. Also questioning Floyd's level of competition makes me question your level of intelligence on the subject. He has fought every top fighter of his era.
  10. How does my post read like that at all when I specifically said that a win-loss record alone isn't all there is to being the GOAT? I'm acknowledging that Ali lost and that Floyd is undefeated, but also realizing that there's more tangibles to being the greatest ever than just that.

    And I never said Mayweather didn't fight the best of his era, just that Ali's opponents were generally tougher foes to defeat. Ali's era is often cited as arguably the strongest era in boxing history, and while no one can control what era they're born into, I still think it's a point worth raising. ESPN's First Take analyzes it here:

  11. those two fucks talking about anything is bad, but boxing? Jesus. I could literally not care less what those two fucks have to say about it
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    This is close enough to being on topic that I'll post it here.

    Victor Ortiz, what a fucking chump lmao. He hit Floyd with one of the dirtiest fouls I've seen in boxing and when Floyd knocks him out 100% he says it was cheap.

    Floyd better not give this chump another free ride on the Money Express. He doesn't deserve it.
  13. No love for big george? (open)
  14. In their prime. Ali or Floyd? I take ali easily but Floyd is the better boxer throughout his career. He didn't get hit, his brain isn't a vegetable. Ali welcomed the pain
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  15. Yea, people sleep on Pretty Boy's longevity. He has been at the top of the sport for nearly two decades
  16. People forget Floyd is a midget.
  17. As a current amateur boxer and diehard fan of this particular sport(boxing), I'll show you an even better example of another All-Time Great boxer who can dodge many punches at once. Here's a highlight video of Pernell "Sweet Pea" Whitaker, who's actually an even greater defensive boxer than Floyd Mayweather Jr.

  18. I love PW but he wasn't better than Floyd
  19. As great as Floyd is, could he in his absolute prime ever be able to dodge over 20 punches all standing in one spot(without having to use or rely on footwork) like Sweat Pea? Whitaker once dodged like 8 quick punches in a row from a Prime Oscar De La Hoya in less than 6 seconds. Maybe Floyd at this point(right now) has accomplished slightly more than Pernell Whitaker but in terms of sheer talent and skills, I'd give the slight edge to Whitaker.
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