Muhammad Ali vs Mike Tyson

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  1. I don't watch boxing at all but this is a fight I'd be interested in seeing just because of how dominant Ali and Tyson were seen in their respective primes. It's been a huge dream match for people for years (in the most literal sense, since it was always impossible for them to fight in their best years) and I guess I've bought into the hype. I know of a lot of famous boxers but this is the only boxing match that I can say this about as a non-fan.

    Anyway, my mother has watched a little boxing and thinks that Ali would certainly lose. Everywhere else I go on the 'net, most seem to think Tyson would lose. The general consensus is that if Tyson didn't score a KO in the first 2-3 rounds, he's gonna be tired out and then Ali will zone in and finish him off.

    I'm wondering what an actual boxing fan would think.
  2. Would be a good fight but Ali would take it imo, Tyson could hit like no other but I've never seen a man able to take a punch like Ali, top that off with the fact he was very quick, something Tyson lacked, just look at The Rumble In The Jungle, Ali took punches from the heaviest hitter at the time for rounds and still had enough left to finish him off, Tyson tired very easily as well, his whole game would be to KO them early on as he knew he couldn't last 12 rounds, Ali could take punches all day.

    Ali would KO him in around the 9th round imo.
  3. I think Ali could minipulate Tyson to fighting his fight. Ali would probably win
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