Muhammad Hassan.

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  1. Muhammad Hassan was a talented and a genuine heel that received a lot of heat. The reason I liked him so much is because he was stating the issues that where relevant to me since I'm a Muslim. If he was still in the WWE how would you use him? Where would he be currently if he was in the WWE? Could he have had one of the best matches of Undertakers career at a WrestleMania match for the streak? Muhammad Hassan did get screwed by the WWE as that other TV company doesn't even doesn't exist anymore.
  2. Yea I remember a promo he cut about how everyone hates him because he is an Arabian american or something like that.

    And then Cena told him something like : "they don't hate you because you are Arabian american, they hate you because you are asshole american"

    Back when Cena was actually funny,...

    BTW Where are you from bro?
  3. Hassan is a good talent, but he regrets his time in WWE, because once they use you like shit over there, and they let you go, you're always perceived by what you've been on WWE TV. That's why he has troubles in finding bookings for the biggest Indys. I watched his match on Dreamer's HOH, and that just reminded me how ridiculously underappreciated he is.
  4. Yea he was one of the best heels, always dragging the fans to boo him.
  5. He was indeed a very good heel, too bad a coincidence such as that killed his career. :sad:
  6. He has a great future ahead of him defiantly one of the text book heels that had real potential. It's a shame as it was truly a great gimmick and easily a maineventer.
  7. He had a decent look and abilities but I've always thought the gimmick would have gotten incredibly stale had it gone on much longer, what did he have beyond you prejudice me because I'm Muslim?
  8. He wouldn't still be around today, not in that same gimmick. It would have long gotten stale and he would have either been revamped with something slightly different (similar to Daivari, where he remains heel but no longer focuses on being Arab) or he would have been released. Didn't he want to be an actor or something anyway? I'm surprised he still takes booking in the Indies.

    If I recall, he was supposed to beat Undertaker at Great American Bash 2005 (a #1 contender's match) and then face (and probably beat) Batista for the WHC at Summerslam the following month. I can certainly believe that they would have capitalized on his tremendous heel heat by having him win the belt in not only the capital of America, but a place that happened to be Batista's hometown as well (Summerslam '05 was in Washington DC.) Would have been great to see, but in the long run, the angry Arab-American gimmick still would have had a short shelf life.
  9. Did he mention that he was actually a Muslim ?
    I thought all his promos were about how he was disrespected because he was Arabian...
  10. Re: RE: Muhammad Hassan.

    I'm pretty sure his faith was brought up a few times, even if not it would have gotten incredibly stale quickly. He had no depth.
  11. Funny part is, I believe he is of Italian descent. I'll try to ind a source. Hs era name is Mark Copani.
  12. Although he would've gotten stale they could have easily repackaged him into something else as it was easier back then, then it is now. Not to take anything with him though he was an incredible athlete.
  13. From his Wikipedia page:

    In 2004, the promotion World Wrestling Entertainment approached OVW seeking a wrestler to portray an Arab American character. Despite being ethnically "100 per cent Italian", Copani was offered the opportunity by OVW booker Jim Cornette. [1]
  14. I'm aware that he wasn't actually Muslim however he played it off very well. Imagine him and Antonio Cesaro creating a faction, pure gold.
  15. I liked him as well. I wonder where he is at nowadays
  16. I remember him lifting his arms in the air and saying "Praise Allah", or some nonsense.
  17. you can't call it nonsense, it may has been kayfabe but its still disrespectful to all the Muslims for you to say it.

    You should be ashamed of yourself.
  18. I'm not going to even comment on how Hassan's storyline because I feel as I might have the unpopular opinion. I think Daivari got a bad end of that deal as well. He's also a great talent from what I see now, but he didn't even get wrestle and if he did it must have been a jobber match because I don't remember it.
  19. Re: RE: Muhammad Hassan.

    Just say it brah
  20. Aren't you that guy that we did Tinychat with and people said you looked like Drake? @[Saylor]
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