Muhammed Hassan

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Swing Car, Feb 8, 2015.

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  1. Would he be better received now, in the ISIS era, or the post 9/11 era he was in? Would he still be fired over political correctness?
  2. I would be pretty fucking apalled if after this whole "Je suis Charles" crap, people would still keep sending him hatemail
  3. He wasn't fired because of the hate from the 9/11 attacks/era. He was fired because of an angle, he had no say in, that took place after the London Bombings (It was taped beforehand). I'm sure he would be fired anyway, whether or not that angle played out because America is racist.
  4. Not sure how strong muslim hate is in the US, but I assume it would still work well. Big chance he'd be fired, yes.
  5. If he were still with the company, he could have been in a tag team with someone in an orange jump suit.
  6. You live here, and we sure are. Also everyone in the entire world is prejudicial/racist in some way/form. Doesnt make it right, but it also isn't incorrect.
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  7. They had to fire his ass, even though he had no say in it. Now, I can't claim that the WWE wanted to do it, but they obviously had to let him go. They do have those sponsors and all that jazz to deal with.

    -This is kind of related to the topic, because it's another situation where a guy had no say over his firing.
    Remember when they fired DB back in 2010 right after the debut of The Nexus? Well, it was for a frivolous reason, in my opinion. But hey, it's against their rules at the end of the day.
    Even though it was all a work, he was too violent in that segment (spitting in Cena's face and then choking Justin Roberts with his own neck tie), which is against their TV-PG rules.
    All in all, he had to be fired.
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