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Discussion in 'Royal Wrestling Kingdom' started by Beavie, Jul 15, 2017.

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  1. Well, the roster is getting big, eh? But right now there are concerns about it getting too big, specifically with people having multiple characters.

    When the Fed was originally made, there was no rule on there being second characters and people have made multiple characters, even myself. While it can be fun to mix it up with a new character if you want to experiment or trying something new if you feel your current character has gone a bit stale without removing the other. That, when we had a smaller roster was alright, but as the roster has got to a respectable size and as we found out with our recent show having ten matches, it can become too much, especially with people needing lots of extensions due to extra matches and if it becomes too much to handle for someone, one of the characters can severely fall compared to the other and that is not good.

    We have talked to multiple people over the past few days and the overall sentiment, although we can't speak for everyone, is that the multiple characters thing creates problems and even I found the difficulty in it. So, what we are thinking about doing is to prevent people from using multiple characters at a time. We will allow people to use other characters if they are in a managerial role, but other than that, no more than one active character at a time.

    How we are planning on doing it is that over the next few weeks to a month, those who have multiple characters will need to pick which one you want to stick with for now, and the other we will keep as an "inactive/unused/extra character" section where their reps are saved, along with us keeping the sign ups for when they do return and as for finishers, we may leave their moves open in case others wish to use them.

    This may be the best compromise so these extra characters could be used and saved for when someone wants to use them, open up spots on the match-card which may otherwise be taken, and lessen the load on everyone...Just don't go switching your character every other show...

    Overall, this is what we feel would be the best for allowing us to not overbook every show with matches and allow people with single characters to be able to be booked. If you have anything you wish to add, tell us below but we are firm with needing to do something to solve this.

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  2. The only problem I have is people taking finishers of inactive characters.

    For example, if Victor Sokolova became inactive, would I be happy if someone took the Cross Rhodes/Rolling Cutter? Or the STF for that matter? No, I wouldn't, and when they return, the finishers that they've been built up with are gone, what are they gonna do? (I honestly can't speak considering I've changed my main finisher around 3 times, but for more established guys who are giving characters a break, this could become a problem.)

    That's the only problem I have with this, everything else is fine.
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  3. I have an idea...

    Perhaps dividing the roster into divisions would help controlling such a large group
    of performers...

    Imperial (Heavyweight)
    European (Cruiserweight)
    Duos (Tag team)

    Also perhaps instead of allowing anyone to sign up at random...perhaps have some
    kind of qualifying process. I mean you don't want to many characters that are similar...
    so why not allow new sign ups if they will bring something new, interesting or different
    to the roster.

    Case & Point:
    Part of the reason the Red King is written like he is was to allow whoever writes his
    matches to do something different. I mean...you can write him like he is acting like
    any kind of animal and it would make sense inside the RWK universe. Guy studied
    animals & martial arts, lost his mind (backstory yet to be revealed) and now fights
    with a blend of both.

    I also want to state that this is disappointing because I actually had my own Red King
    story line planned out involving another character I had created but was keeping under
    wraps until later.

    I guess I won't be doing that now.
  4. Dividing people into "official divisions" is tricky alone because that stifles a character's potential. We ourselves have looked at the roster and see who are currently ready for certain levels of competition, but we aren't going "Okay, this person is only EU and this person is only Imperial." We aren't going to group people as different groups, especially if they aren't ready for it, or could do higher on the card, or on the bubble. Not to mention we aren't going to force people into a tag team division unless they want to team.

    As for the qualifying process, we still want people to be able to sign up, we still have the right as creative to deny people on the roster for various reasons such as an incomplete sign up, a history of misbehavior, breaking rules and more. Plus, there are people in e-feds we know who start off not appearing like they'd do much and they end up growing to be a champion.

    For your thing, since you didn't tell us, how would we know? You can find some other solution to them, even if it is introducing them as a side-character and not a competitor. This is only really in reference to second wrestler characters being active at the same time as another character: aka, making it possible to have multiple matches on a show which can mean you have double the load. I know first hand that it can be too much on someone when they have multiple matches on a show, some others have told me that it was tiring for them, even if they did well it took more than normal to reach that level. Some people maybe can handle it once or twice, but every show, not really.
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  5. Fair points...but perhaps some kind of a ranking/point system?

    I've noticed that the win/loss records are kept...so perhaps some
    type of point system so it at least separates the top card guys and
    the mid card guys.

    Say someone is 6-1...top of the card...
    Someone is 2-5...mid card...

    The more you win...the higher up the card you move...the better
    chance you have at getting a title shot.

    I mean...unless you guys want to "Pull A Jinder" and throw a
    "rookie" or new signing into an Imperial title feud...which I think
    would be a great idea by the way...

    Also...not allowing multiple characters may also stop the tag
    division from getting started. One creator controlling the two
    members of a team would be so much easier than two separate
    creators writing for one team...considering the permission rules.

    Well...it was going to be a slow build and reveal over the next
    couple of months for a debut/appearance at "Path to Destiny"
    and a blow off match/brawl (written by myself) at "The Grand

    But these were my own plans...as I have no idea what the RWK
    creative has in mind for the Red King...

    Although I'm concerned he'll just end up as the "Bray Wyatt" of
    the RWK...that's a joke by the way.
  6. If you want to do a ranking system, you could adopt "The Hierarchy" I created in the Xbox League and tweak it to fit an E-Fed.
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  7. If some has two characters they shouldn't be allowed to be double booked on a show. They should have to use one character for shows at a time. Maybe write off whichever character they aren't using for like a show or two and then switch or something. If someone really wanted both their characters on a show then maybe like a tag team match? Idk.
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  8. I feel like the ranking system would be slightly flawed as yes eventually it would even itself out and the more wins you begin to collect, the more difficult competition you'll eventually face. However, I have seen several guys debut and have their first few matches against dudes who are average and some dudes have debuted against people that are very good, so it's not a great idea IMO.
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  10. Overall I support the decision fully I think it's a great idea because If you flood the roster guys will be lost in the shuffle due to the amount of different characters.

    1 problem. I agree with @Sanic about finishers being removed. I don't like this at all as I think it can hurt a lot of characters. I first think of @DJ Pauly G (KJ Kidd) his character was written off after a brutal match with Nick. My point is that KJ Kidd has been using the same finisher for like 10 years and it's apart of his character and for some new guy to come in and start using it resulting in KJ Kidd not being able to use it upon return is a problem. I do see the overall positive of the point, but there is so many negatives with that.
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  11. Thanks for the shout out giver of free Curry.

    Still waiting for my free bowl...
  12. One character is the best way to go. It allows guys to commit to one single character, they can focus on one match, and won't become burnt out so quickly. There may be an exceprion or two down the line for certain matches or circumstances, but there should be one orimarily active character per forum user.
  13. The finisher thing will be scraped, and will be protected... But the only issue I see alternatively is that is a character is inactive for a longer period of time and a new person needs a finisher why should they need to change their minds for a character who is inactive for like a year or longer (down the road anyways).

    Thanks for the oppinions so far, any other concerns and thoughts on the matter from you guys or others?
  14. Well maybe there should be a time-frame for the finisher thing. Like if the character is inactive for (x) amount of time, then the finisher becomes available for use.
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  15. I'm okay with have one character, I put Brien in another fed, so Vítor stays here.
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  16. I had personally had thoughts about debuting a second character, but I think I'm actually changing my mind so that I can debut my character in another fed to parallel his development here. I'm unsure what would be a good secondary to this one...
  17. Do you have an idea of how many characters/performers you need for the roster?

    Like is there a limit?
  18. We'll need what we need.
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  19. So...No then...

    Fair enough...
  20. There is no limit.

    The limit is one per forum member not counting managers or side characters for promos.

    This is not hard.
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