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    Spawn is seen furiously marching as he returns to Hell after his match at Democracy Rules. He charges up to a door where he yanks it off the hinges with one huge brute pull. The demon slings the door behind him as he walks into an empty hall way. The demon walks down the dark hall before he lifts up several portraits. He walks down the hall framing up pictures until he has hung them all. He turns and looks back at his odd locked off room, before he begins to groan in a frustrated and angered tone.

    I told you all to stay out of this. You did not need to get involved with my business, but yet you still come out and cost me my match for my titles. Not only do you fight to protect the champion that belittles you like the morons you are. You still had his back though didn't you. You can blame yourselves for your actions. You committed the same injustice to me that Nick had. You all cost me my belts, and for that I must make an example of you all.

    I am coming for you. Now you must pay the same price that Nick will pay. I hope that losing your balls and sticking up for that guy was worth it. Now I will rip your souls from your body while Nick will continue to run around with his RWK Championship not even noticing that you won't be around anymore. You did this to yourselves. You have condemned yourselves. And for that, you must be punished.

    Ryder Parks. Slate Bass. Chase Mills. Reagmaster. Prince X. Ricky Daniels. Ashley and Lillith Young. And you. Dick Fagget.

    The demon then turns around as he grabs the fat sloth by the throat. Spawn squeezes him in a chokeslam hold as Dick Fagget bursts into flames with a shriek, before the screams die out with the fire on his body, leaving nothing but a skeleton. Spawn drags the bones of Dick as he tosses them into a room in the hallway. He locks the cage door behind as he looks at the portrait of Dick on the wall. The demon laughs as he looks across the hall at the portrait of the other superstars who got in his way. He then turns as he walks out. He is now a lot more calmed and at ease as he speaks directly to Nick.

    You were real lucky that these idiots fought your battle for you. Forever know it took nearly half the roster to beat me. The next time I see you, I will be taking my belts. So unless you can get another army to fight for you, then you are fucked. I was close Nick. I almost had you and I could of won without you leaving a mark on my body if it wasn't for the suicide squad getting in the way.

    Keep being the champion. Savor your days because the next time will be the last time. There will be no one around to save you then. I will see you soon.
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