Kayfabe Murderers DO get second chances!

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The Lunatic Fringe
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*Camera pans around in a normal room until the camera sees a wall with writing on it with the writing saying "It was so easy" and "Payback's a bitch" and "I am your saviour", all of these are written in blood, the crowd are confused and silent*

???: Why was it easy?

*There's a slight pause*

???: Why did it feel so good?

*There's another pause*

???: He brought it on himself!

*The person pauses again*

???: Payback was delivered!

*He pauses for a couple of seconds*

???: I delivered it!

*The crowd cheer as the chair turns and a man is seen sat in it whom is wearing a black mask*

???: Do you know me? Probably not, but there might be a chance that some of you do?

*There's a long pause*

???: Blackjack has arrived!

*The crowd cheer as they the name, Blackjack is announced*

Blackjack: I am the saviour of Exodus, I am the people saviour! But you should know that I am unpredictable, you can't plan for Blackjack

*The crowd cheer as Blackjack pauses*

Blackjack: Tick, Tock, Tick, Tock, Tick, Tock, that's what's happening, I am coming, I AM HERE!

*Blackjack abruptly get's out of his chair and walks off screen as the camera zoom's in on the wall with the blood scribing's on it as the clip ends*
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