Music sucks

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  1. Music really does suck. I'm sick of it beyond belief. There is no hope. There is no light at the end of the tunnel. And no, I don't mean there will never be any good music again, I mean there will never be a guy that gets a gun and shoots the entirety of the ignorant and hypocritical music community.


    That... Is the music community. A bunch of uneducated 15 yo's that are so cool and edgy for hating on the music today, and loving the music of the past. It's almost as irritating as the "PG SUX BRING BACK THE ATTITUDE ERA" idiots. This however, I practically hear every day.

    Whether it be from someone I know, whether it be from someone on the internets, whether it be someone from my family, it plain sucks. It irritates the hell out of me. It ruins music.

    I can't go anywhere and say I hate a song from Aerosmith, or a song from The Beatles, or from The Doors. I'll get "YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND REAL MUSIC GO BACK TO JUSTIN BIEBER YOU MINDLESS SHEEP". I can't have an opinion. By being different from everyone else and having my own opinion I'm a mindless sheep. I don't get it.

    Because of this stuff in my honest opinion music is dead. Music sucks. Even though I've spent my whole life worshiping it, even becoming an amateur musician myself, I really hate it. I hate that people can't look forward, and can only look back. Yeah, there's Justin Bieber and One Direction, but there's also Cage The Elephant and Arctic Monkeys. Same goes for the old generation. Yeah there's The Stones and The Doors, but there's also Bon Jovi, Motley Crue, Twisted Siter, Robbie Williams, Kylie Minogue and KISS.

    It's over, guys. Unless some bro helps me beat the living fuck out of pretty much everyone that likes music.


    Boy was this good to get off my chest. And yes, this actually does happen to me daily. Most recently my GF.
  2. Most music does suck, old and new.
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  3. I can relate to when I dislike someone popular - like the way I find Bob Dylan and Elvis boring - and someone tries that "You don't understand music" argument with me. It's almost as bad as when you dislike a classic movie, and then they try to say you only dislike it because 'you didn't understand the movie.' Also annoying, though - liking someone or something (music or otherwise) that isn't the most popular, and acting like you have to hide it as a guilty pleasure or something.
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  4. Music doesn't suck. It's a form of art, whether it be pop, country, rock, rap, it's all art. people are just to fucking stupid to realize that maybe, people actually like Justin Bieber, and Eric Clapton. People can like One Direction and Steve Vai, people can like Tupac and Madonna. I understand where you come from, I went to many forums, and most of them I hear, "OMG Rap isn't real music is sucks. It no good because I no like it." It's just stupid, people need to understand that we all have different tastes. Music doesn't suck, nor is it bad, it's the way people respond to other people's taste in it, and it's mostly the internet I hear this from. People just need to get their heaeds out of their asses and realize we are all different, we like different stuff, we react to stuff differently, this isn't about music honestly, this is anything today. If you don't agree on something popular, you're a sheep, music, politics, religion, just anything. It's the generation of today, I don't know what happened, but now everyone is just assholes and won't debate maturally or give anything a chance. For music, don't worry about it. There's always great musicians around, just look hard and look past lies and illusions, and you'll find them.
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  5. Speaking for myself, I have varied tastes when it comes to music. I usually don't limit it to genres but rather to actual musicians/rappers/whatever. I mostly listen to rock and heavy metal, but there have been a few rap songs that I like. I also listen to some Pop music, I must admit. People like Lady Gaga, Madonna and Michael Jackson.

    Truthfully, the only genres I don't like at all are Country (urgh), Disco and whatever you call those fuckers who just scream into the microphone and you can't understand what they're saying.
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  6. Yeah, I agree. I know music doesn't suck, but it really just is ruined to me. I'm not joking when I say I actually have friends of mine that think this stuff, even a GF (pretty much ex).

    I can't get over the fact that I hate Aerosmith's new stuff, and my GF says I don't know real music. Oh, you know, only been listening to them my entire life :pity1:

    As much as I love music, the community ruins it for me. I can't like it without hating it anymore, it's starting to feel like a forbidden love. It's just, ugh :upset:

    This is what's wrong with the world. The same thing happens for religion, politics and culture. It's ridiculous.
  7. orly?

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  8. 10/10
  9. changes. :troll:
  10. ehh just ignore the community. Anybody who trys to tell you what is real music and what isn't is just an ass. Just listen to everything and like what you like. And if anybody tells you what to like and what to not like, tell 'em to fuck off :finger: :stfu:
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  11. We all have our own cup of tea. Mine is the 90's and alternative. Most of which is dead and gone... OHHH! I BEEN TRAVELING ON THIS ROAD TOO LONG! JUST TRYING TO FIND MY WAY BACH HOME!....Damn you Justin.
  12. My friends tell me rock is real music. I tell them to :Stfu: cause they're virgins.
  13. Stop talking to yourself again Punk. Its sick. Get some help. We all know who your "friends" are.
  14. I'm not talking to myself.
    I'm not sick.
    I don't need help.
    My friends are my friends unlike you whose friends are animals. :dawg:
  15. You mean your friends are "HUMANS"? :pity:
  16. I'm a big fan of 60's and 70's music. Beatles, Zepplin, The Who, Rolling Stones, I mean youuuuu my bright eyed girl. Sha la la la la la la la la lala de da
  17. OH and The Doors^
  18. and pink floyd!
  19. ^ I like the Beatles. I don't like much from before 1990, but the Beatles make my list.
  20. :eww:

    RHCP, Billy Talent, Eminem, Logic, The "Old" Snoop Dogg and The Black Keys.
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